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Babe motorbike tours: Located at 240km north of Hanoi, Babe Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Vietnam and is also listed as one of the world's 100 largest freshwater lakes. Babe Lake is located in Babe National Park recognized as Vietnam's national tourist site. The lake was formed more than 200 million years ago due to the tectonic movements of geology. The greatest value of the lake is the unique geological landscape, exceptional geomorphologic ​​and biodiversity values.

Babe motorbike tours

After the vicissitudes of nature and history, Babe Lake still retains the wild and poetic beauty. The Babe motorbike tours will take you to the landscape like a painting, a mirror in which the clouds between the limestone mountains are reflected. Located 150 meters above sea level, in the middle of the forest of the National Park of the same name, the air of Babe Lake is always fresh and pleasant.

In 1995, Babe Lake was recognized as one of the 20 freshwater lakes in the world requiring special protection. By the end of 2004, Babe National Park was recognized as the ASEAN Heritage Park. On September 27, 2012, the Vietnamese government classified Babe Lake as National Heritage…Here are the experiences of the Babe motorbike tours:

Babe motorbike tours

Babe motorbike tours in which season and how many days it takes?

Babe motorbike tours can be done throughout the year. At the end of May and September, the rice begins to ripen to yellow the mountains. From January to the beginning of April, from June to the end of August, the valleys are covered with soft green rice.

If you go to Babe Lake, do not forget the market days. This is an excellent opportunity to plunge yourself in a dynamic life of local people:

1. Nam Cuong Market: 02, 07, 12, 17 (Lunar Day)
2. Quang Khe market: 03,08,13,18 (lunar date)
3. Khang Ninh Market, Cao Thuong Market: 04, 09, 14.19... (Lunar Date)
4. Cho Ra Market: 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 (lunar date)

Babe motorbike tours

Lunar 10th of January is the An Ma temple festival. It is the perfect time to do the Babe motorbike tours to participate in the cultural activities of the local peoples.

Note: During Vietnamese public holidays (April 30, May 1, September 2, Solar New Year...), it is better to avoid Babe motorbike tours because of the large number of travelers.

The most basic program of Babe motorbike tours since Hanoi:

Day 1: Hanoi - Babe Lake (4h - 5h driving by motorbike) - Boat trip to visit the lake - Overnight homestay
Day 2: Babe Lake - Hanoi. If you do not have time to do the boat on day 1, you can take it on the morning of the second day before returning to Hanoi. Route 66 Asia also offers at least a day on the spot for a trek during Babe motorbike tours.

How to get to Babe Lake by motorbike?

Babe motorbike tours are very easy from Hanoi with the distance of 240 km. You follow the direction: Hanoi - Thai Nguyen (the old road) - Bac Kan - Phu Thong - Cho Ra - Babe Lake.

Babe motorbike tours

From Cao Bang, just follow this direction: Cao Bang - National Road 3 - Na Phac - Cho Ra - Babe: 120 km.
From Tuyen Quang, you follow the direction: Tuyen Quang - Son Duong - ATK - National Road 3 - Lake Babe.
From Ha Giang, you follow the road 2 - Viet Quang City (Bac Quang District) - Na Hang - Cho Ra - Babe Lake: about 140 km.

Most important interests of Babe motorbike tours:

During the Babe motorbike tours, we cannot ignore the boat trip in the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam. First of all, you should buy the entrance ticket (40.000 per person) that is sold a few hundred meters from the port. Each boat with a roof above can carry up to 12 people.

Price of boat trip to Babe Lake:

1. Babe Lake - Fairy Pond - Puong Cave - Dau Dang Dau Waterfall: 800.000 Dong
2. Babe Lake - An Ma Temple - Puong Cave: 600. 000 Dong
3. Babe Lake - An Ma Temple - Fairy Pond - Dau Dang Waterfall: 550.000 Dong
4. Babe Lake - An Ma Temple - Fairy Pond: 400.000 Dong.
5. Lake Babe - An Ma Temple: 150.000 Dong. This is the official price determined by the Babe National Park Board.

(22.000 Dong = 1 USD)

Babe motorbike tours

During the boat tour, you will be surprised by the landscape, the tranquility of nature...that make you forget the daily worries of life. With 500 ha and an average depth of 17-23 m on the limestone mountains of a very rich biodiversity, Babe Lake is described as a "Green Pearl" between the mountains in northeastern Vietnam.

The water of Babe Lake is deep blue but changes color at different times of the day: the color of the green moss when the sun sets behind the mountains to captivate the most difficult visitors; Babe becomes particularly attractive early in the morning when the fog takes off on the deep blue water surface...

During the trip Babe motorbike tours, in addition to the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature, you can also have the chance to take pirogue in the vast fluvial landscape. The pirogue is the means of transport for local populations here. Visitors will experience different feelings such as thrill, anxiety, get acquainted with the rhythm of paddle in the idyllic landscape. Of course, Hua Ma Cave, Puong Cave, Dau Dang Waterfall...are the places you cannot ignore during the Babe motorbike tours:

Babe motorbike tours

1. Puong Cave: This is the most beautiful cave in Babe Lake with a length of 300 m and height of 30 m. The stalactites of the cave create many interesting forms. Above all, the view on Babe Lake from Puong Cave can satisfy the most difficult travelers.

2. Hua Ma Cave: It is a picturesque site of Babe Lake. The cave is located on the Leng River. To get there, you have to walk 300 meters to the door of 3 meters wide and 5 meters high. The cave of Hua Ma which has an area of ​​about 1 ha, the maximum length of more than 700 m, the ceiling up to 40 to 50 m high...contains stalactites, esoteric stories...inhabitants of Babe Lake.

3. Dau Dang Waterfall: This is a tourist attraction not to be missed in this National Park. The majestic waterfall has a length of more than 1,000 meters which is divided into three levels, from 3 to 4 meters long each. To reach this magnificent waterfall, you have to walk about 15 minutes. From the trail, there are steps down to the Dau Dang Waterfall through the jungle of Babe Lake.

Where to stay during Babe motorbike tours?

Babe motorbike tours are the time to return to the beautiful nature of the mountains, immerse yourself in the fluvial space, discover the life of the local people...These are the elements to make Babe Lake different from others. We recommend at least a night in homestay with the Tay people living in peaceful villages around the lake. People have arranged their traditional houses on stilts by equipping the minimal but very clean facilities to welcome you. The moments of sharing local life in a traditional house around a typical meal is unforgettable of the Babe motorbike tours.

Babe motorbike tours

Some addresses:

This is a list of stilt guest houses in Babe Lake. With these homestays, you can join the life of the Tay people who are always friendly and welcoming. With them, you also have the opportunity to taste typical dishes washed down with rice wine in a warm atmosphere:

In the village of Pac Ngoi:

Duy Thơ: Phone: 0209.3894.133; 0352.022.985
Đức Khuyến: Phone: 0989.657.710;
Mạch Thông: Phone: 0363.865.534
Hồng Vịnh: Phone: 0346.029.175
Khánh Toàn: Phone: 0977.618.062.
Thế Sang: Phone: 0372.127.841
Hoàng Họp: Phone: 0395.420.273
Anh Dược: Phone: 0393.762.023; 01662.037.352
Huỳnh Ha: Phone: 02813.894.066; 0365.889.668...

Babe motorbike tours

In the village Po Lu next:

1. Hồng Sơn: 0209. 894.036
2. Chi Hoa: 0209. 894 060
3. May May: 0209. 894.169
4. Thái Khuyên: 0209. 507.095
5. Suối Mơ: 0209. 894.048
6. Thủy Tiên: 0209. 894.094
7. Minh Tân 0946 511 966
8. Thuận Thơm: 0209. 894.091
9. Hồng Gấm: 0209. 894.042...

Note: The owners of these homestays in Babe Lake have trouble communicating with you in foreign languages. So you can send us an email to: to get our assistance before starting your Babe motorbike tours. 

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