Booking conditions

Route 66 Asia is one of the products of the local travel agency named '' Vietnam Exploration '' managed by a group of local tour guides with the International Travel Organization License number: 01 - 1004/2017 TCDL - GPLHQT.

Route 66 Asia

This License has been provided by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Vietnamese Government. Our head office is: Vietnam Exploration: E 14 - Lane 6 - Mac Thai To St - Cau Giay District - Hanoi - Vietnam; Telephone: 0084.; Email: The sale of its products is subject to the following conditions:

1. Beginning: As local tour guides, we are quite willing to provide you with all the information on: Itinerary, hotel, visa, quotation...also the advice to prepare your Vietnam motorbike travel or other type of trip.

2. Procedure: If you make the trip with us, before the conclusion of the contract, we clearly provide you the information on: Prices (Euros or Dollars), destinations, hotels and categories, restaurants, transport, guide, paperwork...Route 66 Asia advertises and guarantees rates in quotes, invoices. But this can be changed in case of any reason (the appearance of a new tax...) with or without prior notice from us.

3. Confirmation: Route 66 Asia - Vietnam Exploration - sends you the confirmation of the trip in the form of invoice on behalf of the customer, the Agency by email. As soon as we have your confirmation of your trip with us by email, we need the deposit to start booking the services provided: Hotel, airfare, guide...

The customer and Route 66 Asia – Vietnam Exploration - must respect the validated contract. The additional cost caused by the change is assumed by the modifying par.

4. Payment: The payment of a deposit is mandatory: 25% of the total price of the stay. We must also pay the deposit to the suppliers of the concerned services: Hotel, flight ticket... when we make the reservation.
Payment methods:
By credit card; In this case, the customer accepts the debit of his card, without any possible argument.
Via bank transfer; all bank charges related to these means of payment are the responsibility of the customer.
The rest of the cost will be paid upon arrival in Vietnam or before arriving in Vietnam by specifying the mode of payment in advance: Cash, card, bank transfer...

5. Cancellation: In case of cancellation of the trip by the customer, whatever the reasons, he agrees to pay the penalties by following the scales:

More than 45 days before the start of the program: 50 USD / group + expenses of the possible flights
From 31 to 45 days before the start of the program: 5% of the price of the trip (2 *** - 3 *** service); 10% of the price of the trip (4 **** - 5 ***** service)
From 11 to 30 days before the start of the program: 10% of the price of the trip (2 *** - 3 *** service); 15% of the price of the trip (4 **** - 5 ***** service)
From 1 to 10 days before the start of the program: 20% of the price of the trip
During the trip: 100% of the trip price

In case of our cancellation for reasons related to a situation of major force (policy, natural disaster, air transport...), we will first make equivalent proposals facing to situations. Clients are fully reimbursed when they do not agree with our proposals but cannot claim any compensation. The sum of the reimbursement depends on the specific situations, constraints between Route 66 Asia – Vietnam Exploration and service providers: Hotel, airlines companies...

6. Insurance: Travel insurance, international flights...are not included but at your request. In case of request for that you have refund, Route 66 Asia - Vietnam Exploration - provides you with the necessary papers officially stamped according to Vietnamese law.

7. Responsibility: The customer is responsible for providing us with the requested information in the specific contexts: Passport information, visa as well as the necessary health formalities... All modifications must be approved by the customer but also by Vietnam Travel Motorbike.

Route 66 Asia – Vietnam Exploration is for adult citizens. The parents of minors are responsible for knowing the special procedures concerning them. When minors travel in Vietnam with us, their legal representative is responsible for providing all the necessary information for the completion of the trip (age on departure day...).

The entire contract concluded between Route 66 Asia - Vietnam Exploration - and the traveler is subject to Vietnamese law.

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