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Buy motorbike Vietnam: How to buy a motorbike in Vietnam? The guy named Chris Brinlee from the United States has offered 3 kinds of motorbike that must be purchased during the Vietnam motorbike tours, including: Win, Minsk and Suzuki GN.

On a famous American community website specializing in motorbike, Chris Brinlee Jr., a "West Boy", gave detailed advice on tourism in Vietnam. Chris was particularly impressed by the motorbikes tours in Vietnam. We would like to translate some of very humorous tips of this man to buy motorbike Vietnam:

Buy motorbike Vietnam

Buy motorbike Vietnam? Be aware that Vietnamese traffic is like a crazy dance:

Motorbikes are not a popular means of transportation in the United States. Only in California, you will be allowed to change lanes when riding a motorcycle. Insurance companies consider driving the motorbike a pleasure while car drivers tend to be not tolerant with bikers. This is unreasonable because motorbikes are a means of personal transportation that gives you more emotions than a bulky, heavy and expensive car…

In Vietnam, with 37 million registered motorbikes, it's exactly the opposite. Motorbike driving is part of everyday life in Vietnam. Almost every person in Vietnam has a motorbike. A family of four persons travels together on one bike. The Vietnamese people carry a lot of goods on their motorbikes. It's incredible.

To buy motorbike Vietnam, you must know that driving the motorbike in Vietnam is like an elegant but crazy dance, because thousands of people drive motorbikes on the same track without paying attention to their surroundings. Potholes often appear on the road surface while horns are used anarchically. In simple terms, the traffic in Vietnam is unimaginable!

However, if you ignore the traffic frenzy, you still have thousands of reasons to buy motorbike Vietnam to go into the adventure. The landscape here is very beautiful and varied. The south is the plain. The pine forests cover the central highlands. Lush forests line the coast…Vietnamese people is very warm and friendly. The food is delicious and everything is extremely cheap!

In addition, Vietnam is also an ideal destination for discoverers. You can go rock climbing, diving, kiting, canoeing or hiking in Vietnam. This is the place where Son Doong Cave is the largest in the world...

Buy motorbike Vietnam

According to Chris, his task was to explore Vietnam, from south to north, to observe the lives of the local population. That means Chris has to buy a motorcycle for him. It is at this time that he gives us tips to buy motorbike Vietnam to embark on this great adventure.

To buy motorbike Vietnam, you should know that you do not have many options. In Vietnam, the most popular is the semi-automatic motorcycle. If you want to own or drive a motorbike with a capacity greater than 125 cubic centimeters, you must be a member of a motorbike club. Therefore, you only have a few options:

Honda Win Bikes: In Vietnam, most Honda Win 100cc or 110cc motorbikes carry the brand of Honda. In fact, most of these bikes are Chinese "fake products". The manufacture of genuine Honda Win has stopped since the early 2000s. In addition, these copied motorbikes have already been used often to transport goods over tens of thousands of kilometers before selling you...

When you buy the Win motorbike in Vietnam, sellers often claim that "the engine has just been restored", but do not be stupid! Also, do not pay more than 250 USD (equivalent to 5.4 million VND) for a Honda Win motorbike. After the purchase, in addition, will have to spend a lot of time in the garages to repair it during the trip.

However, Chris appreciated his Win's bikes from Sufat. He himself bought a Sufat Win on a Vietnam motorbike trip. He named his Win Sufat bike ‘’Winnie’’.

If you buy motorbike Vietnam, Win Sufat is an exception that is a product made by Vietnam with Honda's design. If you can find a Sufat Win, it is more likely that it is a new bike more reliable than the Chinese Win bike. I bought a Sufat Win 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City for 450 USD (about 9.7 million VND). The new bike traveled just under 9000 km when I bought it. It worked very well; the meter counter was not even broken. I think it consumes 1 liter of gasoline over 40 km, "said Chris.

Minsk: Minsk is a former motorbike brand coming from Belarus. These motorbikes are equipped with two-stroke engines, with a capacity of 125cc engine. Compared to Win, Minsk's bikes are stronger but consume more fuel and are less stable. In addition, now, it is more difficult to find recent Minsk bikes in Vietnam. I never drove Minsk, but I heard it was very interesting. The price of an old Minsk in Vietnam is around 400 USD (or 8.6 million VND) if you are thinking about buying Minsk motorbike Vietnam.

Suzuki GN: The Suzuki GN 125 is increasingly rarer in Vietnam. In addition, these bikes are more expensive than Win and Minsk. If you have about 600 to 700 USD (the equivalent of 13-15 million VND) and are lucky enough, you can own a Suzuki GN.

The easiest way to buy Suzuki GN motorbikes in Vietnam is to walk in crowded neighborhoods of tourists, in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. Here you will see the brochure "sell the bike" everywhere. Otherwise, you can try your luck on Craiglist.

Once you can buy the bike you like, you have to take a test drive and check the following parts: engine starter (electric and pedal), acceleration, brake, lighting, flashing and horn. You need the horn in Vietnam. Make sure the bike is running well and that the gear changes are good. If you find that the bike has a problem or you do not really like it, do not rush. There are many other motorcycles and it is not too difficult to buy motorbike Vietnam.

Before paying for your purchase, you must ensure that the seller has a vehicle registration certificate in case the police ask you to do so. When you need to sell your bike, you also need this certificate...

In addition to the aforementioned actions, Chris also talked about motorbike accessories, clothes, documents to bring, destinations, seasons...and even places to repair the bike in Vietnam...We will continue to update the Chris's other shares after his advice to buy motorbike Vietnam.

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