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Cao Bang motorbike tour: Cao Bang is a province in northeastern Vietnam. The north and north east of Cao Bang share the 343 km long border with China, the west with the provinces of Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang, the south with the province of Lang Son which is also a border province with the China.

Cao Bang motorbike tour

The majority of Cao Bang's area is covered by forests, so the air is quite pure. Overall, this province in northern Vietnam has the pleasant temperate subtropical and humid climate that is significantly influenced by China's cold waves.

Interest of Cao Bang motorbike tour:

The nature of Cao Bang is majestic, immense, intact and immaculate with mountains, forests, rivers, streams...During your Cao Bang motorbike tour, you cannot ignore the waterfall of Ban Gioc located on the border with China. Next to Ban Gioc, you have the cave of Nguom Ngao (Cave of Tigers) which is the world of stalactites and stalagmites with thousands of different forms: elephants, dragons, tigers, clouds, trees, flowers, birds...

Cao Bang is the place of origin of the Vietnam revolution. The remnant of the history and revolution of Pac Bo in Truong Ha Commune, Ha Quang District, is the place where President Ho Chi Minh lived from 1941 - 1945 to lead the Vietnamese revolution...

Cao Bang motorbike tour

The Cao Bang motorbike tour is the chance to meet local people: Tay (representing 41.0% of the population), Nung (31.1%), Hmong (10.1%), Dao (10.1%), Viet or Kinh (5.8%), San Chay (1.4%)... Most ethnic groups live in stilt houses nestling at the foot of the limestone mountains. In front of each village, it is often a valley covered by different cultures: Rice, maize, vegetables...Until now, most of the mountain populations of Cao Bang still wear traditional costumes while keeping crafts like: Weaving, blacksmith...

Located in rural areas, the villages of the ethnic groups here are always very serene in harmony with the natural intact landscapes. You will immerse yourself in the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of immense rice paddies, multi-shaped mountains, small paths snaking between the endless greenery of bamboo forests in the middle of which, the rivers flow...The Cao Bang motorbike tour is the return to truly poetic landscapes.

Cao Bang motorbike tour

Cao Bang motorbike tour in which season?

Cao Bang is favorable your the motorbike tour during the four seasons. In August and September, the waterfall of Ban Gioc is very beautiful with the blue water. November and December are known by the season of wildflowers blooming brilliantly on the trails of Cao Bang.

Cao Bang has two seasons of rice: February - June and July - October. These are the interesting moments to do Cao Bang motorbike tour to immerse yourself in the soft greenery or in the golden yellow color of the rice fields.

Cao Bang motorbike tour suggests some following circuits:

Tour 1: Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Kan - Babe Lake - Cao Bang: 320 km

In this case, it is better to spend a night at Babe Lake to enjoy its interesting activities: boat trip in the middle of the National Park Babe, night in homestay with Tay people...

Tour 2: Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Bac Giang - Lang Son - Cao Bang in 1 day: 280 km.

In this case, after Lang Son, you follow the historic road number 4 passing the valley of Dong Khe, That Khe...known by the military campaign between the French army and the Vietnamese army in 1950.

Cao Bang motorbike tour

Tour 3: Hanoi - Ha Giang - Bac Me - Cao Bang: 560 km in 2 days. In this case: Day 1: Hanoi - Ha Giang; Day 2: Ha Giang - Bac Me - Bao Lam - Bao Lac - Cao Bang

Cao Bang motorbike tour cannot ignore the following destinations:

Cao Bang has beautiful nature with majestic forests, mountains...In addition, Cao Bang tourism also attracts travelers through historical sites. Here are the unmissable destinations of the Cao Bang motorbike tour:

1. Pac Bo is located near the border between Vietnam and China, more than 50 km from Cao Bang. After 30 years abroad, on January 28, 1941, leader Nguyen Ai Quoc (the former name of Ho Chi Minh) returned to Vietnam by taking refuge in the cave of Pac Bo to lead the Vietnamese revolution during the period 1941 - 1945. The road between Cao Bang and the Pac Bo cave passes through the peaceful countryside of Cao Bang.

Cao Bang motorbike tour

2. Ban Gioc Waterfall: This destination cannot be ignored during the Cao Bang motorbike tour. Ban Gioc is in fourth place in the list of the four largest waterfalls in the world on a border between nations. The waterfall of Ban Gioc is formed by the river of Quay Son, which has its source in China, and to throw itself into Vietnam on the border of Po Peo. Coming to the commune of Dam Thu, the river was divided into several branches, then dropped to a depth of about 35m to form the majestic Ban Gioc waterfall. During the rainy season, the waterfall creates tiny droplets of water that fly through the air to form magical clouds between mountains and green rice fields. The irresistible beauty of Ban Gioc creates one of the most important destinations for the Cao Bang motorbike tour.

Cao Bang motorbike tour

Sites to remember between the city of Cao Bang and the waterfall of Ban Gioc:

- Truc Lam Pagoda was built in the traditional style of Vietnam Buddhist architecture at 500 m from the waterfall of Ban Gioc
- Cave of Nguom Ngao means "Tigers Cave" according to the local language. The sound of the spring flowing into the cave is like the roar of the tiger. Nguom Ngao has a length of more than 2000m, with many small stalactites and stalactites forming a magical palace under the mountains with magnificent and splendid beauty...
- Phuc Sen smith village: The Nung people have traditional forge traders. It is one of the most typical handicraft villages in Cao Bang province as well as in Vietnam. It's an interesting break during Cao Bang motorbike tour.

The route between the city of Cao Bang and Ban Gioc passes through the splendid karsts mountains classified as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO thanks to the global geomorphologic values. You have the opportunity to hunt memorable photos of the multi-form green mountains, rivers, forests, charming authentic villages of houses on stilts nestled at the foot of the rocks...that make your Cao Bang motorbike tour unforgettable.

Cao Bang motorbike tour

3. Thang Hen Lake: Located at 50 km from Cao Bang, on the road to Ban Gioc Waterfall, Thang Hen is a natural lake formed by underground rivers in the karsts mountains. The Thang Hen Lake located in a valley surrounded by limestone mountains has the height of over 1000m, the width of 100-200 m and the length 500-1000m according to the seasons. Seeing it from the top, the lake is like a giant jade blog of a strange blue color.

4. Market days: The markets in the mountains in general and in Cao Bang in particular are not reserved only for the trade but first of all it is a place of the exchanges of the news, the meeting of the ethnic groups like: Hmong, Tay, Phu La...who come in traditional costume. So, markets are a painting of local life that is lively, colorful...

You can send us an email to: for free information on market days to prepare the Cao Bang motorbike tour.

Cao Bang motorbike tour

Cao Bang motorbike tour has a few things to note:

You should avoid the taboos of the customs of the people in Cao Bang, especially while visiting villages or spending the night in homestay with the local populations during the motorbike tour in Cao Bang.

+ Do not enter the house if you see the green leaves at the door, on the stairs...In the house, the ancestor altar is usually placed in the middle of the main room. Do not go near it, put the personal items, touch it, turn your back to the altar.
+ Do not come near the incense urn placed on the ground to venerate the Ground Spirit.
+ Do not talk loudly next to the kitchen fire.

To have a pleasant trip, we must think of driving carefully for safety and we must always respect the cultural life of local people...You can send us an email to: to have detailed and free information to prepare better your Cao Bang motorbike tour.

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