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Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam: Many people still dream of traveling on motorbike in Vietnam. But, they have worries when on the other side of the world: how to do? What is the tour program? How long does it take? How many cities to have to cross? Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam alone or it is necessary to be in a group?

If with a flat tire, what have to do? It is better rent a mechanic? It's hot or cold? How is the road traffic law? It's easy to meet the local populations? The landscapes are beautiful? In short, how are the guided Vietnam motorcycle tours going to be?

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

In addition, you need to know where to buy or rent a bike, where to maintain, where to live, where to eat and how much it will cost. It's not always clear but this article will answer all your questions to plan your guided motorcycle tours Vietnam:

Why guided motorcycle tours Vietnam?

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam allow you to travel at your own pace. You do not depend on bus or train schedules and only stop from town to town. Guided motorcycle tours give you the opportunity to stop wherever you want. So you go to meet the locals, discover landscapes and wonders of this country that are not yet listed in the classic tourist documents. It's the freedom and immersion that only guided motorcycle tours Vietnam give you.

Guided motorcycle tours give you the chance to be with local people who are also curious about why you are traveling on a motorcycle but not with comfortable cars. You may be sharing the meals with the Vietnamese people who will end up offering you some rice wine and taking pictures together before you leave. You will have the chance to see people in the rice fields. You will taste fruit at home where you will share unforgettable moments. Only the guided Vietnam motorcycle tours give you these chances!

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

The motorcycle is the main means of transport in Vietnam. The Vietnamese people carry their families, all kinds of parcels and animals on their motorcycles. Lovers walk also on motorcycles. So, this is the best time to observe all aspects of local life. It is for this reason that the guided motorcycle tours Vietnam have the differences that do not exist everywhere.

Vietnam is the only country in Asia that uses the Latin alphabet. The cost of the phone or even smart phone, the internet, communication…is really reasonable. The telephone network, the GPS, the 3G, 4G system cover almost every corner of the country in an incredible way. Vietnam is the country known for good security. So, guided motorcycle tours Vietnam are getting easier than ever.

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam are for whom?

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam are reserved for all those who want to do it. On the road, you will see not only young people but also 50 years old people doing this beautiful country by motorcycle...You will have girls too, even women who spend their Vietnam motorcycle tours alone or in biker groups...

You must know how to drive the motorcycle before the guided motorcycle tours Vietnam?

Yes, but it is not the most useful thing. Route 66 Asia can quite help you on the spot. It's not complicated if you want it as you know it. Here is a traveler who did not know how to drive the motorcycle before spending his guided motorcycle tours Vietnam shared:

In fact, I had never driven the bike before going to Vietnam apart from an automatic scooter in France. It was my salesman who taught me how to ride the bike for an afternoon in a quiet place in Hanoi. The next day, I took the road with caution and 3 weeks later I arrived at my destination as planned. During my trip, I met several other travelers who had never driven a motorcycle before spending his guided motorcycles tours in Vietnam…

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

How to communicate in Vietnam? What do we speak as a language?

During the guided motorcycle tours Vietnam, you will see that Vietnamese people speak very little English especially in the countryside. You do not see English speakers everywhere or it is very rare. In town, you will see Vietnamese people in hotels, banks...speak English. The French language is...dead. You should have a guide otherwise you have to talk with gestures!

A traveler shared after his guided motorcycle tours Vietnam: At a mechanic, I showed my problems with the fingers but he did not understand. So he took a ride with my bike and found the problems himself. If you have the internet, you can use Google translate and with voice option...But this is the last option. If the budget allows you, it is better to have a guide to avoid problems, to communicate with people, to learn about the country…This is the question of budget otherwise your Vietnam motorcycle tours will be more rewarding.

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam with which kind of bike?

Vietnam has more than 46 million motorbikes in the whole country inhabited by 95 million inhabitants. In 2018, 3.6 million motorcycles have been registered. So, you do not have any worries. There are several models available for guided motorcycle tours Vietnam. The main ones are Honda Wave, Honda Dream, Honda Win and Minsk.

But first, you have to have a motorcycle that can be repaired everywhere (it must be said everywhere) in the country. These are Honda's products obviously. Most Vietnamese people use Honda models. It is therefore very easy to find Honda mechanics anywhere in the country. So, you have:

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

Honda Wave:

Honda Wave is a small motorcycle scooter most used by the vast majority of Vietnamese people. It is a motorcycle of 100 cm cube rather for the city. It's not easy to cross the country or climb the beautiful mountains with these tiny bikes. This bike is not comfortable for a long daily trip or to tie your bag. This motorcycle can only be used with short distances.

Honda Dream:

It's like Honda Wave. These are 100 cm cube scooters that are only used for short distances on flat terrain despite being a very popular model for use, purchase as well as repair.


This is a motorcycle model from Belarus. These motorcycles are often old, heavy and very solid which were previously used on very mountainous terrain, at the time when the Vietnamese people did not have much choice of the bike. Route 66 Asia logically discourages you from the Minsk motorcycle. This is a model only used by tourists or Vietnamese bikers with "nostalgia" or collectors...These motorcycles can break down easily and you have trouble finding garages for the Minsk during your guided motorcycle tours Vietnam.

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

Honda Win:

Honda Win is the motorcycle used by the vast majority of low-budget motorcyclists during Vietnam motorcycle tours. It is comfortable, has a good place for your bag and a range of 300km. Finally, you can have it repaired in any Honda garage. But you have to follow the advice of a biker who made a Vietnam motorcycle trip:

"In Vietnam, most Honda Win 100cc or 110cc motorcycles carry the Honda brand. In fact, most of these bikes are Chinese "fake products". The production of the real Honda Win has stopped since the beginning of the 2000s. In addition, these copied motorcycles have already been used often to transport goods over tens of thousands of kilometers before selling you ... “

Or you can follow this link to have some ideas to buy motorbike Vietnam: to find out how Chris Brinlee, an American traveler bought Honda Win or this link to have ideas to rent motorbike Vietnam: to prepare your guided motorcycle tours Vietnam.

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam are dangerous?

It is not dangerous to drive in Vietnam. Like everywhere, driving the bike is risky but these risks are measured. It is important to realize that the rules of the road exist and that you must respect it but you must know how to adapt to what is happening on the road. We must pay attention to trucks, cars, buses, stray animals, potholes...

Some good driving experiences during the Vietnam motorcycle tours have been shared here:

Guided Vietnam motorcycle tours with which routes?

The guided motorcycle tours Vietnam have many routes to take because the country is a huge one that offers a great diversity of landscapes and climate. It all depends on how much time you have and what you want to do there. If you want to discover the mountains, the forests, the endless terraced rice fields, the ethnic minorities, the winding have to choose the guided motorcycle tours Vietnam in the north. If you like the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean, the sun... you have to take the coastal road in the center and south. If you want to '' see everything '' through different landscapes and realize the contrasts of Vietnam, you have to cross this country…

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

Three weeks are the classic route of the guided motorcycle tours Vietnam to cross North / South or South / North. This time will allow you to fully enjoy your motorcycle tours by taking several days breaks in the city stages.

You can make reference to this link to have some ideas about some Vietnam motorbike tours: before the guided motorcycle tours Vietnam.

Accommodation during guided motorcycle tours Vietnam:

The accommodations in Vietnam are easy to find and very cheap. You can have the rooms in the hostels about 14 USD / night (just pay attention to the hygienic conditions). During the guided motorcycle tours Vietnam in the big tourist cities, there are all categories of accommodation, from popular to luxurious. In the rest of the country, you will find local hotels, guest houses or "Nha Nghi in Vietnamese language"…in the cities but also in the middle of the villages in the countryside sometimes.

In northern Vietnam, you can find the night at the inhabitant or ‘’homestay’’. You will stay with the family in a house often on stilts. This is the best opportunity to share life with people. The comfort is basic but clean. You can share meals with people, walk around the village, sleep on mattresses in a big and common room of the house...These houses are spread in Mai Chau, Pu Luong, Moc Chau, Nghia Lo, Mu Cang Chai, Ha Giang, Babe Lake...These are also the most beautiful destinations for guided motorcycle tours Vietnam in the northern mountains.

Guided motorcycle tours Vietnam

Where to withdraw money during guided motorcycle tours Vietnam?

The national currency of Vietnam is the Dong. The exchange rate € 1 = 22,000 Dongs approx. It is useless to take the dollar that is used to pay the visa in case of obligation.

During your guided motorcycle tours Vietnam, you can withdraw the currency Dong everywhere, even in small towns, cities, towns...(Of course not in an isolated village or on the mountain road...). It is necessary to know that we cannot withdraw more than 2 million Dongs at a time. However we can withdraw as many times we want with the same distributor (the banks want to take the commission each time we withdraws money).

Guide motorcycle tours Vietnam need travel insurance?

No. The travel in Vietnam in general or the Vietnam motorcycle tours do not require the insurance of the trip but which is extremely recommended, especially with the guided motorcycle tours. An accident can happen anytime.

Our vehicles for your guided motorcycle tours Vietnam (without distinction between the car and the motorcycle) are insured on our part. So you and your victims are insured by our insurance company. Your reimbursement and that for the victim depends on the investigation of the police on the spot with the conditions imposed by the insurance company in the specific cases. You are advised to have the insurance of your country: the insurance of the repatriation, the insurance covering the practice of the motorcycle...before coming to Vietnam...

It’s not easy to talk about all things in one article. Please send us email to: for more free details to prepare your guided motorcycle tours Vietnam.

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