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Harley Davidson LiveWire Price is $ 30,000. This is the first model of electric vehicle brand of the American motorcycle sold since August 2019, with the latest technology of connection...

Harley Davidson LiveWire

Harley Davidson has received orders for LiveWire electric and will deliver it from August 2019. The price in the US is $ 29,800, according to Fox News. The US brand green bike model is backed by LTE connectivity with the HD Connect service, allowing users to remotely check the status of the vehicle, receive maintenance programs and be alerted if someone has a bad idea with LiveWire Electric. In case of vehicle theft, the owner can locate Harley Davidson LiveWire electric tracks with GPS.

With each charge, Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric can travel 177 km of urban roads. It's just enough for people who travel every day, but that number still cannot compare to the products of Zero Motorcycles - a brand of American electric motorcycle. A Zero motorcycle can cover 262 km of urban roads after each charge. But customers who buy Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric also have a long history brand name with attractive power, technology and looks.

Harley Davidson LiveWire electric was developed from the Project Live Wire Conceptual Model which debuted in 2014 and has been tested worldwide. This bike uses a steel frame, cast aluminum, a belt drive, a Brembo brake flange and a Showa suspension system. Clusters with TFT color screen connect smartphones via Bluetooth to make calls, listen to music, locate and even help diagnose some of the "diseases" of Harley Davidson LiveWire electric!

Harley Davidson LiveWire electric is equipped with a permanent magnet motor that is low, thereby lowering the center of gravity and helping to increase balance in many different situations. During operation, a sound system can be customized based on the speed of the vehicle - a style of exhaust pipe to overcome the small sound emitted by the electric motor, helping Harley Davidson LiveWire electric to have more security.

The driver cans also set 7 different operating modes, 4 of which are defined from the factory standard and 3 additional modes are defined by the user. The rechargeable battery system (RESS) consists of lithium-ion modules enclosed in molded aluminum frames. In addition, a 12V lithium-ion battery is used to power lights, electrical appliances, horns or display screens.

The nearly $ 30,000 Harley Davidson LiveWire electric price is nearly $ 20,000 higher than its rival Zero Motorcycles. A Zero S is priced at $ 11,000, while the Zero SR version is $ 16,500. However, LiveWire comes from a more advanced brand and has earned a reputation in the automotive industry for 116 years. January 8 to 12 in Las Vegas, United States, Harley Davidson Electric LiveWire will be presented.

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