Honda CB500X 2019

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Honda CB500X 2019 has greatly improved both in terms of design and field equipment "adventure" such as high windshield, big wheel, shock absorber...

Launched more than 5 years ago and officially manufactured in Vietnam less than a year ago, the Honda CB500X 2019 marks the beginning of the mid-range adventure bike. The CB500X is for fans of large displacement and terrain vehicles...

Honda CB500X 2019

For the 2019 version, Honda has upgraded some of the details and features of the CB500X to ensure flexibility and durability on long journeys. However, the CB500X is rather favorable for "classic" journeys than for field trips.

Overall, the Honda CB500X 2019 retains the design of its predecessor but is slightly modified to give it a more powerful and angular look, inspired by the African Twin. The side bumpers are aerodynamically designed with aerators. The gas tank with the solid look was designed to create the harmony and stiffness for the body of Honda CB500X 2019.

Some equipment is upgraded, such as the windshield which is higher and wider. It was a feature that had to be bought before to become a true adventure vehicle. The LED headlight has been redesigned to enhance the lighting performance of CB500X 2019.

Without having pairs of spokes like the other adventure models, but the radius of Honda CB500X 2019 has been improved from 17 inches to 19 inches. The larger diameter allows the vehicle to easily overcome obstacles and increase its stability when driving on rough terrain. ABS brakes are the standart equipment on Honda CB500X 2019.

The front wheel is bigger. So, the Honda CB500X 2019 front suspension is reduced to 0.25 inches: there are still 5.3 inches. Meanwhile, the dampers are increased by 1 inch, up to 6 inches. According to Honda, changing the damping will help balance the center of gravity of the bike. This is the important factor for all-terrain vehicles. The mixed Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour tire of Honda CB500X 2019 is suitable for both asphalt and off-road conditions.

In addition, the base length of the Honda CB500X 2019 is increased by 26 mm to 1,447 mm. The maximum tilt angle is also increased to 27.5 degrees. These two parameters significantly improve the stability of the body. The increase in the length of the rear shock absorbers resulted in an increase in seat height of CB500X 2019: from 812 mm to 830 mm. Previously, the 812 mm high saddle was a challenge for Asian bikers. The saddle of the CB500X 2019 was therefore a problem. However, this is only one parameter for the European version. It is likely that Honda CB500X 2019 for the Asian market would have the lowered height of the saddle.

The Honda CB500X 2019 fuel tank retains the same 17.7L volume of the previous generation, helping to conquer long distances on challenging terrain. Honda also offers a list of options like: crutch in the middle, handlebar protection, handlebar heating, trunk...

Honda is still equipping the CB500X with a liquid-cooled 478cc DOHC engine with 47 horsepower at 8,600 rpm and a torque of 43 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The gearbox has 6 levels with the slip-resistant 2-way clutch when slipper clutch.

Honda will add the red color version to CB500X 2019. Honda has not announced the price and timing of the CB500X 2019 sale. In Vietnam, the price is about 180 million Dong. With the upgrade, the price of Honda CB500X 2019 could be slightly higher than that of 2018.

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