Minsk motorcycle Vietnam - the legendary iron buffaloes

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Minsk motorcycle in Vietnam is often compared to "iron buffaloes" which can bounce off all types of terrain despite being noisy, smoking heavily and easily broken down.

Minsk motorcycle

A tour guide for a travel agency specializing in Vietnam motorbike tours, said: "Since 2010, the Minsk motorcycle has begun to attract young people. So, events and races have continued. The young people who turn their backs on consumerism in Vietnam, pursue this classic motorcycle in the spirit of "doing everything by hand".

Minsk motorcycle Vietnam - Iron buffalo:

As a member of the Minsk Motorcycle Club in Vietnam, this guide traveled through Vietnam on many old Minsk motorcycle. He shared with CNN:

People call them '' iron buffaloes ''. "Sometimes it's hard to get it started, but once it is started, the Minsk can go anywhere and we can recognize it easily in the streets by noise...

The first Minsk motorcycle was born in 1951 in the city of the same name in Belarus and appeared in Vietnam in the 1960s. Vietnam has officially imported this kind of motorcycle since the 1970s until 1980. The Minsk motorcycle was popular in the next 20 years.

In the 1990s, the Soviet Union collapsed. With new international trade agreements, Vietnam has started importing motorcycles from Japan, China, the United States...

Meanwhile, the Minsk motorcycle, usually M1A or M1NSK, was back in the country, especially in the high mountains of Vietnam. Farmers can carry everything with Minsk motorcycle: furniture, bicycles, poultry, pigs...to cross any terrain.

Minsk motorcycle Vietnam

The first wave of Minsk motorcycle in Vietnam:

Time is running out. Western adventurers have begun to learn about this famous motorcycle in Vietnam. In 1998, the first Minsk club was established. Members often crossed Vietnam together with Minsk motorcycle.

Our guide said: The devotion of Minsk motorcycle has nurtured our love for this country, inspiring the desire to explore the northern mountains. It was the best bike to drive on bad roads. Other imported motorbikes are too taxed...

This kind of bike can be broken anywhere but it can also be repaired in any village. So, we can say that the Minsk motorcycle Vietnam is also a bridge to tighten the link of foreigners with the mountain people because they use together the same kind of vehicle.

Minsk motorcycle fever:

The Minsk motorcycle is noisy and polluting. It is like chimneys on the road. It is also no champion in speed, nearly 50-90 km per hour. In addition, this kind of bike needs continuous maintenance. Although Minsk has many weak spots, Vietnamese young people still love them because they only need about $ 300-400 to buy a Minks motorbike. The old Minsk motorcycle is easy to be faked.

Our guide remembered: In recent years, there are more and more young Vietnamese people doing tours in Vietnam with Minsk motorcycle. These young adventurers are indifferent to the fashionable automatic scooters in the city. So, they can explore the country on the backs of Soviet-era motorcycle: the famous Minsk.

Minsk motorcycle Vietnam

Amazing adventurers say that this trend is spreading across the countryside in the north where young Vietnamese people gather in clubs and events of Minsk.

"These young people love the Minsk motorcycle and feel the spirit of freedom". He stated.

A founder of a travel agency in Hanoi said the resurgence of old Minsk motorcycle also reflects the trend to reject modern consumer values...

The Minsk motorcycle is strong and masculine. Minsk is noisy in the labyrinth of the streets of Hanoi. It is a journey in search of memories when the Vietnamese people still think of collectivism.

The Minsk motorcycle is free to ride:

It is estimated that there are not many old bikes in Vietnam, only about 6,000 vehicles. One of the most expensive old bikes is the 650 Ural with sidecar. Cumbersome and classic, the design of this bike has not changed since the Second World War...Like Minsk motorcycle, these old motorcycles promise a memorable adventure in rural Vietnam.

According to a motorcycle enthusiast, the most remarkable motorbike tour in Vietnam is on the Vietnam-China border, especially in Ha Giang province. You will have great memories of the journey through the mountain ranges and meetings of the people of the mountains. The adventurers can stop during the weekends to exchange with the local populations…

We always try to follow less popular roads, muddy roads that cross the jungle...to admire enchanting wild landscapes. By chance, we meet a villager near the road or go to the village to see how local people live. Exchanging with glasses of rice alcohol... is the most authentic experience when traveling in Vietnam on a Minsk motorcycle in the high mountains.

On the road with the Minsk motorcycle and a cold head:

So, Minsk motorcycle is very "difficult". "Non professional" adventurers are not recommended to drive this type of demanding vehicle. You must be very careful when you prepare the equipment: helmets, pants, shoes... The Minsk motorcycle Vietnam will change your ideas!

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