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Moc Chau motorbike tour: Moc Chau is one of the largest and most beautiful plateaus in northern Vietnam, with a temperate climate, famous tourist sites such as Doi cave, Moc Chau pine forest, Thai Hung waterfall...and indispensable, the interminable hills covered by tea...Vietnam Travel Motorbike shares with you the experiences of the Moc Chau motorbike tour as follows:

Moc Chau motorbike tour

Moc Chau motorbike tour in which season?

Moc Chau, at the end of winter, in early spring, is covered by the plum blossom, the peach blossom...Here, the plum trees are planted in the fields that sometimes cover the villages, valleys...Then, the whole plateau of Moc Chau is immersed in the white color of the plum tree, rose peach, yellow cabbage...

At this time, following the road leading to Moc Chau, the valleys are covered by peaceful green rice fields. You take the opportunity of the Moc Chau motorbike tour to stop at the idyllic Mai Chau valley...

Spring is leaving. In May, when the rice is ripe, the green valleys become golden yellow. The trip to Moc Chau is immersed in the color of honey. In addition, in summer, it's hot. Moc Chau will be an ideal destination to escape to the heat of the plain. The plateau of Moc Chau is fresh all year round.

Between June and August, the rice fields are green again to be yellow in October. Between October and December, the flowers of sunflower, cabbage...bloom. The endless white flowers cover the hills like a giant carpet, the silk scarf on the body of an upland girl. It is probably the season of the Moc Chau motorbike tour until February and March with the season of peach, plum blossoms...

Moc Chau motorbike tour

Time to avoid: It’s better to avoid all public holidays (1 May, 30 April…). The festival of Moc Chau happens in 2nd of September: You have the lively atmosphere with ethnic hill tribes in traditional dress but housing can cause difficulties due to the high demand. The charm of the Moc Chau motorbike tour is peace, tranquility, nature...

How to do Moc Chau motorbike tour?

The Moc Chau motorbike tour can be done in two ways. The most popular route is along National Highway 6: from the center of Hanoi - Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh - Mai Chau – Moc Chau with about 187 km.

The second route that people choose to return to Hanoi: Moc Chau - Van Yen ferry (Phu Yen) - Thu Cuc - Thanh Son (Phu Tho) - Phong Chau - Trung Ha bridge and then the national road 32. This road through the Van Yen ferry is surrounded by mountain ranges, tea hills, steep valleys, rocks, authentic villages of the Thai people living in stilt houses on the banks of the Black River to make your Moc Chau motorbike tour different from all the others .

Proposal of some circuits:

1. If your Moc Chau motorbike tour lasts 2 days / 1 night:

Day 1: Hanoi - Hoa Binh - Detour to Mai Chau Valley - Moc Chau
Day 2: Moc Chau - Van Yen ferry - Phu Yen - Thu Cuc - Thanh Son - Son Tay - Hanoi.

2. If you have 3 days / 2 nights:

Day 1: Hanoi - Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve - Pu Luong Nature Reserve
Day 2: Pu Luong - Mai Chau - Moc Chau
Day 3: Moc Chau - Van Yen ferry - Phu Yen - Thu Cuc - Thanh Son - Son Tay - Hanoi.

Interests of the Moc Chau motorbike tour:

This motorbike tour takes you to one of the largest plateaus in the mountains of northern Vietnam. The road leading to Moc Chau is often compared to a silk scarf snaking on the mountains. You will pass the villages of local ethnic minorities such as: Muong, Thai, Hmong...who live in wooden houses on stilts nestled at the foot of the mountains. You will go through the idyllic valleys, majestic mountain ranges, dense forests ... The Moc Chau motorbike tour is the most convenient way because you can stop wherever you want. The view from Thung Khe Pass is unmissable. When you arrive at Moc Chau, you will not miss: the tea hills, the Dai Yem waterfall, pine forest in Ang village, the Doi cave, local ethnic villages where you can spend the night to discover a new culture…

Moc Chau motorbike tour

The Ba Phach village is nicknamed the "Flower Paradise" of the Moc Chau plateau. The road to Ba Phach is not very easy for motorbike ride, but you will see a valley covered by plum, peach blossoms... The valley of Na Ka also has thousands of plum trees, just 3 km from the tea hill in shape of the heart.

The hills of tea:

When visiting the Moc Chau Plateau, everyone wants to go to the tea hills. The green hills on the slopes have become an infinite source of inspiration for photographers and travel enthusiasts. You can go to the Moc Suong tea farm, Tan Lap 1, Tan Lap 2, Tan Lap 3 ... You'll have the opportunity to ride under the flowers if you do Moc Chau motorbike tour at the end of the year.

Moc Chau motorbike tour: Accommodation:

Moc Chau slowly opens to tourism in recent years. Many guest houses, hostels, motels…have appeared, including '' Hostel Zone '' near the Old Town, on the road to go to Tan Lap. The room allowance is very reasonable, only 10 EUR / night (2 people). Many Vietnamese people doing the Moc Chau motorbike tour choose the 'homestay' style at 2 USD per night per person.

The Sao Xanh Hotel offers comfortable rooms for EUR 25 per night / two people: Tele: 0223789999 – 0223868979; Email:

The luxury hotel in Moc Chau is Muong Thanh which offers the room at 60 EUR per night / two people: Tel: 0212 2258886; Email:

Moc Chau motorbike tour

Thao Nguyen Resort: This is a spacious, charming hotel...with independent rooms in shape of villa: Tele: 0898 736686; Email: This is an address to recommend in Moc Chau…

Moc Chau Retreat: The rooms are located on the hill easy to admire the space below, close to nature. From the rooms, you can hear the murmuring stream at the foot of the hill, the birds singing every morning and enjoy the charm of Moc Chau: Tele: +84 94 574 72 07; Email:

You can send us an email at: for details on accommodation during the Moc Chau motorbike tour.

What should you do to have a successful Moc Chau motorbike tour?

- Clothing: In winter, it is cold at 1000 m altitude, even with frost. So you need warm clothes, suitable shoes for motorbike tour, protective equipments...
- You can go camping on the tea hills.
- Medications: insect repellent, abdominal pain, flu, bandages...are essential
-The roads are short but winding. You must drive carefully and at a moderate rhythm.
- Before going to the area near the border, you should go to the town hall to get permission first...

You can send us an email at: for free details about the Moc Chau motorbike tour.

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