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Motorbike in Vietnam in 2019: It is expected that demand for the motorbike in Vietnam in 2019 will remain high, with the trend to move to high-end automatic and expensive scooters. This will raise the price of scooters.

Motorbike in Vietnam in 2019 is marked by personal tastes.

Motorbike companies in Vietnam said that by 2019, the minimum consumption of the motorbike is equivalent to 2018. However, the trend of switching from popular motorcycles to high-class scooters continues to increase rapidly.

Motorbike in Vietnam

In 2018, automatic scooters accounted for 60% of the market, motorbikes with speed accounted for 40%. By 2019, the automatic scooters are expected to increase to 65%, while the number of motorbikes with the speed will fall to 35%. The market share of vehicles with speed will become more and narrower while the number of automatic scooters continues to grow in the motorbike market in Vietnam.

Manufacturers of vehicles with speed will have more and more difficulties because their market share continues to be reduced. However, competition in the automatic scooter segment is also not easy.

According to forecasts, the motorbike market in Vietnam in 2019 only progresses by about 3%, the segment of high-class scooters will continue to grow by more than 10%. It is estimated that 500,000 automatic scooters, each priced equal to or greater than 50 million VND, will be sold in 2019.

In 2019, the trend of differentiation of use of motorbike in Vietnam will increase significantly. Many consumers want a motorbike tailored to their personality, unique and different from mass products, said Gianluca Fiume - Managing Director of Piaggio Vietnam.

This requires manufacturers to create customized products for each case. Production must be different. In 2019, the marketed motorbike in Vietnam will have a variety of colors. The color of the vehicle often reflects the character of the user. The manufacturers of motorbike in Vietnam must first customize the color.

Then they should have many versions to meet the various needs of many customers. Following this trend, at each new product launch, the manufacturers of motorbike in Vietnam offer different special versions, in small quantities, but with the latest technologies and equipment to make the difference.

Nostalgic motorbikes such as the Honda Super Cub C125 or Vespa Six Days...are the products that seem to meet the diverse demands of consumers.

Safety technologies are also increasingly integrated on the bike. Many models will soon be equipped with ABS anti-lock braking technology and a tilt angle sensor. At the same time, the balance needs to be improved to ensure operational safety.

In addition, there is a trend of USB charging port, software to connect the user and the vehicle via smart phones, the function of automatically turning on the headlights, even collision meet the growing personality of the customers.

The companies of motorbike in Vietnam that manufacture vehicles with speed will make a "revolution" to enter the game with automatic scooters, competing with Honda and Piaggio.

Motorbike in Vietnam increases the price in 2019.

If, in 2009, the national market consumed 25,000 high-end automatic scooters, more than 400,000 vehicles were sold in 2018. In 2009, the average price of a high-end scooter in Vietnam was around 45 million VND, but in 2018, it reached nearly 80 million VND.

It is expected that the price of high class motorbike in Vietnam will increase if it is equipped with modern and customized technologies. The high-class scooters, which will be available soon, are priced at around VND 90 million.

It is only when public transport is developed, responding to the needs of travel, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, that the market of motorbike in Vietnam will be reduced.

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