Motorbike tours Vietnam

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Motorbike tours Vietnam: Many people really want to organize themselves their motorbike tours Vietnam but they are lack of information like: itineraries, often they hesitate to leave. In fact, at present, the tendency to go motorcycle would appear in many persons having the sense of discovery by leading a different life of the routine. In fact, motorbike tours Vietnam is not as difficult as you think.

Motorbike tours Vietnam

Motorbike tours Vietnam always give people the experience of exciting, refreshing and fascinating feelings. In particular, you take full advantage of your freedom. Motorbike tours Vietnam are completely different from what you have experienced before. You go where you want. You stay where you want. You will sit on a rock and watch the immense sea and hear the wind blow through the air for hours without being disturbed by anyone...You eat what you want. You sleep where you want...But how? Here are some of our experiences to share so that you can see that motorbike tours Vietnam are just a little story:

Motorbike tours Vietnam but where and for how long?

Motorbike tours Vietnam? But first, you have the first question: you need to determine where you have to go and how long it will take. Riding a motorbike about 200 km a day is a good choice. It's not a lot? In fact, you decide it. You are free to choose the number of km. Motorbike tours of 300 km or more every day can be normal for many people, but driving on a long road takes a lot of time on your precious vacation.

In addition, driving a lot will tire you when you reach your destination, reduce your enthusiasm to explore the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam and contact with the friendly people. So if you have 2 days, you would have to travel 400 km; if you have 3 days, you should think about 600 km...You will see that on the way, there are so many things to discover. You should think about these wonderful moments while doing motorbike tours in general or motorbike tours Vietnam in particular.

Motorbike tours Vietnam

Second thing to do to have motorbike tours Vietnam: Find the road:

With the current satellite map technology, it is not difficult to determine the road to follow to doing motorbike tours Vietnam if you use a computer, a access sites such as, Wikimapia .org, can buy a Vietnamese sim card to use the 3G or 4G network that covers most areas in the country. It will be easier again if you can speak just a little Vietnamese. So in this case, "the way is in the mouth". You should not hesitate to ask for information from the local population whenever possible. These "manuals of life" sometimes show you a waterfall or a dreamlike stream or a "strange custom” but nobody knows except those who live there and yourself...

The third thing to do to start your motorbike tours Vietnam is the answer to the question: which road to choose.

Currently, many new roads are opened each year to connect provinces and cities, giving you more choices of routes to cross while doing motorbike tours Vietnam. For example, to go to the beach: you can follow the traditional Ho Chi Minh Road - Hanoi Road - National Highway 1A - National Highway 55 - La Gi. But there is a more typical route: Ho Chi Minh - Cat Lai - National Highway 51 - Ba Ria. From there, there are two directions: choose the National Road 55 to go straight or turn to Long Hai then follow the coastal road with extremely wild beaches. The end of the road will also be your destination: the village of La Gi...

Motorbike tours Vietnam cannot miss the destinations in the north of the country: Pu Luong Nature Reserve, the rice terraces of Mu Cang Chai, the unique landscapes of Hoang Su Phi, the majestic karsts formations of Dong Van...Prepare your luggage to do motorbike tours Vietnam to discover its many landscapes in the north which are classified as Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO!

If you do not have a laptop or you do not want to use the Smartphone to access the map while moving, it does not matter. You connect the internet and write down the necessary information in a small notebook. This will be your guide, designed by yourself before starting your motorbike tours Vietnam.

Motorbike tours Vietnam

One of the things to do during you motorbike tours Vietnam: follow the weather forecast:

You absolutely do not want to see the rain falling on your back? So you have to watch weather forecasts on television, radio or weather forecast sites. View the forecasts and view satellite images of the clouds! The photos, the wind direction...will help you capture the weather changes in the regions where you will be traveling. is the necessary website for your motorbike tours Vietnam.

Preparation of luggage and vehicle to start your motorbike tours Vietnam:

Good preparation makes your trip more interesting and secure. Before doing motorbike tours Vietnam, you have to see the following things: safety equipment (helmet, glasses...); a waterproof bag to put clothes (shorts, T-shirts, jeans...), essential articles (personal hygiene articles, special remedies, towels, lamp...). It must be stacked carefully in a separate compartment with some bags to store the laundry, garbage...

Motorbike tours Vietnam

In terms of your bike:

The element deciding the success of your motorbike tours Vietnam is obviously your...vehicle! It is not worth having the bright aspect...It is necessary that the motorbike works well and is stable. Make sure that the headlight, the indicators, the brakes... work well... It is necessary to check everything carefully before leaving to avoid breakdowns on the road: oil, horn, tire age...If you know a little the technique of the repair by having some essential tools in the trunk, it is perfectly to start your motorbike tours Vietnam!

But it is not enough to go: It is necessary to prepare the personal documents (identity card, passport...), the documents of the vehicle (certificate of registration, insurance invoice...). It is not necessary to carry too much money, if so, bring your credit card. It takes a small to carry these things. Make sure the luggage is securely fastened to the strong luggage rack! Start your motorbike tours Vietnam now!

Motorbike tours Vietnam during the moment of the beginning and the return:

If you are able to start your motorbike tours Vietnam and return by your motorbike, it would be perfect because you will feel fully the joy after the trip. You can choose the departure at 5 o'clock in the morning if it is necessary to enjoy the cool moment without any congestion when leaving the city to be sure to have a good mood...

The trip must have many beautiful landscapes even it is a bit far. Everything is fine. The beginning is quite easy. But on the way home, you can be tired. You can send your bike by train, on local buses or think that you are finishing halfway home to tell others wonderful memories of your motorbike tours in Vietnam!

Motorbike tours Vietnam

Motorbike tours Vietnam: Food and accommodation:

If your journey does not coincide with the holidays, the price of services to do motorbike tours Vietnam is often very cheap. After determining an adventure, you should avoid chic places...Do not be afraid if it's far away because you have your bike. So a room in a hotel or hostel in a residential area or even a homestay is already good if it's clean and secure with the right price. It's not hard to find it. Do not hesitate to go by motorbike around the city to choose! If you are in the low season, do not hesitate to bargain the price! The owners of the hotel or the guest house do not want to leave the rooms empty during the low season.

During motorbike tours Vietnam, you can eat well in the local restaurants even in the markets. Do not consider yourself as tourists! Join the community and enter every corner to discover unique dishes that are hard to find anywhere. Show the dishes to the servers that you have already eaten for the addition: a kind sincerity!

It is impossible to satisfy all experiences in an article. However, Route 66 Asia is sure that after your first trip, you will have fascinating experiences for future trips and...even later. Route 66 Asia believes that your adventures will be perfect if you decide to do motorbike tours Vietnam.

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