Motorcycle trip Vietnam

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Motorcycle trip Vietnam of a 19-year-old boy: Nguyen Hoang Long - a student of the University of Mining and Geology of Hanoi - caught the attention of adventurers after he made his Vietnam motorcycle trip alone for 13 days in 2015.

Motorcycle trip Vietnam

Recently, the clip of a young man making his Vietnam motorcycle trip caught the attention of the community with over 123,000 views and 14,000 likes. The main character of the video is Nguyen Hoang Long, born in 1996, engineering student at the University of Mining and Geology of Hanoi.

While talking about his motorcycle trip, Hoang Long said that in the last days of February, on the road to conquering Fanxipan Peak or the highest peak in Vietnam, he overheard the interesting stories of the people who had the opportunity to cross Vietnam by motorcycle. Long was fascinated by the four famous poles of the country. Therefore, after this trip, this guy decided to conquer all these poles of Vietnam.

When the clip was widely shared on the social network, Long received many compliments and admirations from people, especially lovers of motorcyle travel. The guy said he was very surprised and excited because there were a lot of people interested in this kind of travel.

Vietnam motorcycle trip

To prepare his Vietnam motorcycle trip, he had to work as a waiter to save money. Hoang Long had to make many short trips to train. In addition, the guy practiced physical training to have good health for the long trip.

"In addition to referring to articles on the Internet, I also asked for a nurse's phone number, in case of emergency, in danger, without being able to ask for help." Long revealed the secret about preparing for his Vietnam motorcycle trip.

Fortunately for Long: He has always enjoyed the support of the family. To get money for the trip, he had to work in a restaurant in Hao Nam (Hanoi) during the two-month summer vacation. With the money saved before, Long had the budget to make his dream come true.

Vietnam motorcycle trip

13 days of living in the sensation: The Nguyen Hoang Long student's Vietnam motorcycle trip lasted 13 days. The young man crossed 41 provinces and cities. Although he discovered only the two poles of the country, but Long thought it was '' enough '' for the age of 19. The boy said he would complete the goal of conquering four poles in the near future.

During the "vagrancy", all the cities and the provinces passed on have left beautiful impressions to this boy. The coastline of the central coast was always sunny. The sand dunes were endless. There were completely deserted roads. There were busy streets, people were warm...It would be memories that this young man could never forget.

He would not forget the moment of driving at 4 o'clock in the morning through the deserted places, from the night of the campsite to an unknown place where he woke up because of the little noise or the moment he was fell into a coma because of the food at Ca Mau...It was the scary experiences of his Vietnam motorcycle trip.

Vietnam motorcycle trip

We must not waste youth: This is the message that the student of the University of Mining and Geology wants to send to young people with the same passion of explorations but who still do not dare to be on the ground with confidence. "Do what you want because the youth will not come back," said Long.

During his Vietnam motorcycle trip in 13 days, Long never thought of giving up the adventure. According to the boy, Vietnam is beautiful, from the high mountains of the North, to the central coast and finally the fluvial regions of the Mekong Delta in the south. People are friendly and kind everywhere...

During his motorcycle trip through Vietnam, Long learned many things: "I had the opportunity to admire the beauty of the country, to live with the hospitality and warmth of the people, to eat the delicious dishes on the road...It was the memory of my youth to keep... '' Long shared after his motorcycle trip Vietnam.

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