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Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours: Mu Cang Chai is a district of the mountainous province of Yen Bai, about 280 km north of Hanoi. The area of Mu Cang Chai is so well known by the splendid rice terraces. At each harvest season, this isolated northern region welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the country. Here are the experiences of the Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours shared by Route 66 Asia:

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours in which periods?

Most local adventurers do the Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours in September and early October because it is the season of ripe rice. Mu Cang Chai immerses itself in the bright yellow color of rice. At this time, the weather is beautiful and favorable to visit this region.

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours

In May and June, it is the time of watering when the first rains of summer begin to flow down the mountain. Water flows from the mountains to the terraces. The brilliant and flashed water in the afternoon sun creates incredible landscapes.

Water floods the fields to make the soil softer. This is the moment when farmers begin to transplant rice for a new season. The photo hunters choose this moment to do Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours.

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours

Between June and August, Mu Cang Chai melts into the endless green color of splendid rice terraces. Between December and February, it's winter. There is sometimes fog when passing the passes. March, April and May are ideal for Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours as the weather is mild and has little rain.

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours

Why Mu Cang Chai motorbikes tours?

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours are the best opportunity to admire the terraced fields stretching across the mountainsides. The rice fields following each other seem to be interminable. In 2007, among about 2,200 hectares of terraces, there are 500 hectares in three communes: La Pán Tẩn, Chế Cù Nha and Dế Xu Phình which have been recognized as one of the unique landscapes, the National Heritage of Vietnam.

Mu Cang Chai has very steep topographies that are ideal for motorbike tour. So the terraced fields are very narrow. In general, each plot has a width of 1m - 1.5m. The rice fields of this district of the Yen Bai mountainous province have attracted travelers from around the world in recent years. In particular, in August and September, the rice is yellow on the slopes, at once immense, splendid and magnificent...whose beauty is difficult to describe in vocabulary.

When you ride a motorbike on route 32 from Tu Le, you have the opportunity to admire the rice terraces following each other, yellow as gold until the horizon... This is the main moment of Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours, especially for local bikers.

In the foreign press:

When On Earth website shared: The terraced rice fields at Mu Cang Chai have the breathtaking beauty which is one of the most exquisite in the world. With beauty, culture, rich traditions...Mu Cang Chai becomes a destination always alive in the heart of every traveler...

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours

The Telegraph wrote: The terraced rice fields at Mu Cang Chai create the lush and spectacular landscapes in the world...

The website When On Earth also said: The culture mode at Mu Cang Chai creates extraordinary landscapes that are the source of endless inspiration for travelers, photographers...

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours are the return to the richness of nature, the particular characteristics of the culture, the warmth of humanity...The road to Mu Cang Chai is far and difficult, but very interesting when the scenes change constantly. When visitors cannot see all the stilt houses in the Muong Lo valley covered by white flowers, they already arrive at the Khau Pha Pass at 1900 altitude being sinuous like a silk scarf hanging on the majestic mountains...They will be speechless in front of the view of the valley below. Khau Pha is a nice challenge of the Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours.

On the bike, you conquer from this pass to another, from this mountain to another. You will feel the change in altitude. Both sides of the road are covered by breathtaking rice terraces...

The Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours will attract you with forests covering an area of 80 000 ha, of which 20 293 ha are primary, 12 863 ha of pine forest, more than 2000 ha of forest of apple, plum, medicinal plants...The forests at Mu Cang Chai are also cohabited by many rare animals and plants listed in the Red Book.

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours

The Mu Cang Chai is the place to meet the Hmong people and the Thai people who are in the majority of Mu Cang Chai district. They preserve still have many traditional cultural features. If the Hmong live in houses built on the floor of the slopes, the Thai live in houses on stilts at the foot of the mountains. The life of the people of Mu Cang Chai is mainly based on irrigated rice terraces, dry farming on slash and burn fields, livestock and artisanal production...Traditional customs and traditions represented in architecture, clothing, gastronomy, language...are also considered a cultural treasure. Sharing a meal washed down with rice wine in a family is one of the unforgettable moments of Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours.

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours - Some questions and answers:

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours in which moments? Mu Cang Chai welcomes the most travelers during the rice harvest in September, October and May (during the watering season) which are the most appropriate months to admire the beautiful landscapes of the mountains with brilliant rice terraces or with the dreamy puddles  of water in which the clouds of the sky are reflected.

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours can be done alone? Yes but the topography of Mu Cang Chai is very complicated with many high mountains and steep passes like: Khau Pha, Ach...You have to limit the speed when moving. You should not drive during the night because of the visibility and safety problems...You must master well the driving of motorbike on the winding roads.

You must prepare all the papers and equipment for your vehicles. Note that the speed on National Highway 32 leaving Hanoi is often controlled. You should prepare the necessary tools such as warm clothes, windbreakers, toiletries, camera, ID card, hair dryers...You need helmets of good standards, protective equipment like: Gloves, raincoats...

Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours

How about accommodation in Mu Cang Chai? Mu Cang Chai slowly opens to tourism. In the city center, there are only local hostels. So, we strongly advise you at night in homestay. It is the Thai ethnic group who arrange the wooden houses on stilts to accommodate travelers. The comforts are basic but clean. Above all, contact, sharing local life...will make your Mu Cang Chai motorbike tours more interesting and human.

What are the characteristics of gastronomy in Mu Cang Chai? At Mu Cang Chai, you can enjoy typical dishes of the Hmong, Thai people... such as: five-colored glutinous rice, black Banh Chung, grilled fish of Pa Pinh Top, grilled chicken with Mac mat leaves, dried buffalo meat...These are all traditional dishes of local ethnic minorities...

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