Neo Sports Cafe Concept Honda Naked Bike

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Neo Sports Cafe Concept Honda's Naked Bike has been on display at Paris Motor Show 2018. With Honda's neo-classic design combined with muscular lines, the naked bike Neo Sports Cafe Concept is equipped with a parallel four-cylinder engine.

Neo Sports Cafe Concept Honda Naked Bike

While the Intermot 2018 motorcycle show was taking place in Germany, Honda introduced Naked Bike Neo Sports Cafe Concept in the Paris Motor Show, normally reserved for the car show. This is the latest model of the Neo Sports Cafe family, after names like: CB1000R, CB300R and CB125R.

Due to Neo Sports Cafe's neo-classic style of Honda, the Neo Sports Concept Cafe Niked Bike still has its own distinctive appearance compared to the motorcycle series launched last year. The most notable is the round LED headlight design that fits directly into the aluminum front cover. Neo Sports Cafe Concept Niked Bike looks more modern and personal with this unique head.

Unlike the CB1000R, the Neo Sports CafeConcept features a two-tone fuel tank designed to be taller, shorter and angular. This design allows this bike to escape the "soft" look of Honda's naked bike. Similar to other Neo Sports Cafe models, Neo Sports Café Concept Niked Bike has plenty of silver accents to showcase the modern look.

Neo Sports Cafe Concept Niked Bike uses the 5-spoke wheel in the shape of the Y word that appeared on the CB1000R. The bike is more '' chic '', more advanced with the suspension in shape of upside down instead of the tube, with the Nissin brake having 4 pistons vertically symmetrical. Although keeping the naked bike style, but Neo Sports Cafe Concept is equipped with smooth running tires.

The tail of the Neo Sports Cafe Concept Niked Bike is sharp, the rear to give a sporty look according to 'Street Fighter' style. Honda has not announced the detailed specifications of Neo Sports Cafe Concept. However, while seeing the shape of the engine and the chassis, we can see that this bike is equipped with a four-cylinder DOHC engine, electronic injection PGM-FI, cooled by the liquid...

The high-end titanium exhaust system of the SC Project brand is also a highlight. Thanks to the integral exhaust system, the engine of Neo Sports Cafe Concept can produce more power. Possessing too many details developed from the CB650F, Neo Sports Cafe Concept Niked Bike can replace the position of the CB650F with mass production.

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