Prepare Vietnam motorbike tours

Prepare Vietnam motorbike tours: The motorbike is the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam right now and the Vietnam motorbike tours are becoming a hot trend for both local and foreign adventurers. For those who have traveled a lot by motorbike, this article is not necessary but for those who want to make the Vietnam motorbike tours for the first time, it is important. Good preparations are extremely important to help you enjoy your journey safely. Route 66 Asia is very pleased to share the experiences to prepare together your Vietnam motorbike tours.

Prepare Vietnam motorbike tours

It is also important to say that these experiences to prepare for motorbike tours come from a local tour organizer and its guides. You only consider it as a source of reference. We do not require you to follow the points covered in the article when you have the other ways to prepare your Vietnam motorbike tours:

To prepare your Vietnam motorbike tours, first of all, you have to maintain the bike:

+ Change the oil, the chain, the brakes...before leaving. Do not hesitate to change its tools if you feel it needs to be done. It's cheap.

+ Check the tires before the trip to make sure they are still adhering to the road. It is better to take the new tubes. If the adherence to road of tires begins to decrease, the tires should be replaced.

+ Check batteries, horns, headlights, taillights, turn signals, candles, etc. Everything must be in the best possible state!

+ Complete installation of 2 mirrors.

+ A basic repair kit is also essential to prepare your Vietnam motorbike tours especially when you are alone: ​​tools to remove the tube, auto-patches, hand pump or foot pump, screwdriver, pliers, wrench wheel, 1 inner tube for front wheel  and 1 inner tube from back wheel, engine spark plug...

+ Use reflective stickers on the back of the vehicle so that the vehicles in the group are easily recognizable from each other at night.

+ A plastic bottle (1,5l for example) to store gasoline if your Vietnam motorbike tours happen in areas without service station.

Vietnam motorbike tours

To prepare good Vietnam motorbike tours, you must also check the personal papers to bring with you:

+ Identity card

+ Vehicle registration (required)

+ Driving license from your country and international driving license

+ Vehicle insurance

+ Passport...

Equipments when prepare your Vietnam motorbike tours:

+ Good quality helmet

+ Raincoat

+ A small bag for frequently used objects on the road, such as cameras, raincoats, water, snacks (cake, candy...), flashlight, medicines...

+1 larger bag for other luggage.

+ Large plastic bag used to pack these bags against rain

+ In case of having the tank under the saddle, it is better to have the bags as the postman to facilitate the essence buying.

+ Rope, string to attach the bags to the luggage rack.

+ Electronic items (phone with headsets, battery charger...), GPS if possible, Sim card especially with the Viettel phone operator who has good coverage in remote areas.

+ Glasses: To go far, especially in difficult weather conditions, glasses are extremely important. According to Route 66 Asia, to have pleasant Vietnam motorbike tours, biker should have 2 types: Day glasses and night glasses.

+ Gloves: It would be nice to have waterproof gloves or you need gloves for driving, rain gloves, warm gloves if you are preparing motorbike tours in Vietnam during the winter.

+ Mask, scarf to keep your neck warm…It's better to have the scarves in fabric, silk... (It's to be dried quickly).

+ Quality shoes adapting to the motorbike tours.

+ Rubber boots to prevent rain or mud.

+ Nylon boots to cover shoes to prevent rain, mud...

+ Protection of elbows, knees…

+ Clothing adapting to the motorbike tours: thick to protect you against wind, dust, when there are falls on the ground...

+ Personal hygiene: towel, soap, shampoo, comb... as needed...

+ Medicines: Cotton, gauze, dressing, antiseptic, headache medicine, abdominal pain, disinfectant, drugs to relieve muscle pain...

+ Plastic bags to store dirty clothes, garbage...

+ Tools: knife; scissors, flashlight...

+ Wet papers, ropes...and so, you will soon finish prepare your Vietnam motorbike tours to leave!

 Emergency food: according to your personal need:

+ Chocolate, confectionery according to taste, preserves, water, coffee thermos at your leisure...

Prepare Vietnam motorbike tours for a group:

+ Road maps

+ List of members traveling with the following information: Full name, home address, ID number, date of birth, phone number, email, position of the vehicle in the group: number the vehicle if the group is big...

+A detailed program is requested to prepare Vietnam motorbike tours in group so that all members are informed, a small flag attached to each vehicle to facilitate recognition, the raise atmosphere...!

+It is better to have a more experienced person to lead the group and another more experienced person to close the group who is the mechanic if it is possible and who is always at the end of the group.

To make your best Vietnam motorbike tours on the road, follow some tips:

+ Respect the rules of the road. Do not do the row of 2 or 3 people. Keep the speed allowed. Stay on your line. Do not try to double the heavyweights. Pay attention to signs when entering a densely populated area:

+ In case of fine, do not cause tension. Negative behavior must be avoided so that your Vietnam motorbike tours are not interrupted.

+ Keep a certain distance from the vehicles that precede you according to the formula "speed divides by two = distance". For example, if you run at 50 km / h, the safety distance is 25 m.

+ Decrease speed and drive at low speed when descending steep slopes.

+ Do not overtake cars in bends, out of sight.

+ If you want to overtake cars, truck…go left, turn on the turn signal, accelerate to pass decisively, avoid driving parallel to a car, bus truck…!

+ Beware of sand, crushed pebbles on the road that can drag you.

+ Attach tightly the luggage to the rear of the vehicle. You should have elastic ropes when preparing your Vietnam motorbike tours.

+ When driving on a mountain road, with many bends, you have to look from a distance to anticipate obstacles and vehicles approaching you.

+ It is recommended to rest after 1-2 hours of driving depending on the distance of the day.

+ Turn off the lighthouse (glare) when you meet people in the opposite direction.

+ Do not hesitate to use the horn if you think it is necessary.

+ Do not drive when you are tired, sleepy...When you are sleepy, stop and take a nap of about 15 minutes. Many accidents occur when driving in a state of drowsiness and / or fatigue.

+ You should not eat too much before and while driving. Eating too much will make you tired because the stomach has to work hard to digest food.

+ Do not drink alcohol before driving.

+ Do not use the exhaust pipes causing the loud noise of the motorcycle.

+ To prepare Vietnam motorbike tours, avoid automatic scooters for slopes. Automatic scooters do not use the gearbox to "brake" the machine when descending. When the brakes are used too much, it will be burned.

+ Do not stop the engine for "saving fuel" while going down the slopes

+ Do not stop in turns, out of sight.

+ Do not flip, do not turn suddenly. It must be observed around...

You can send an email to Route 66 Asia: to have more free details to prepare your Vietnam motorbike tours.

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