Price Honda CB650R 2019

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Price Honda CB650R 2019 is VND 246 million in Vietnam. Nakedbike Honda CB650R is distributed in direct competition with rival Kawasaki Z650.

After distributing 9 bikes models in the middle of last year, Honda Vietnam has added the naked bike model CB650R 2019 in early March this year. At present, the Japanese automaker has a total of 6 Naked Bikes at dealers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Honda CB650R 2019

Honda CB650R 2019 was launched on the international market at the EICMA show held last November in Italy. Honda Naked Bikes in the Neo Sport Café style includes models like CB125R, CB300R, CB650R and CB1000R.

Honda CB650R 2019 is designed with a diamond frame, lighter than 1.9 kg, helping to reduce the total weight of the bike by about 6 kg compared to the previous generation. The bike Honda CB650R 2019 weighs 202 kg.

The design of the Neo Sport Café on the Honda CB650R 2019 combines classic lines with a contemporary style, making the vehicle beautifully harmonious. The head of the bike features a classic round headlight design. However, the use of modern LED bulbs integrated in daytime running lights is similar to that of the CB1000R.

The Honda CB650R 2019 design shows many parts of the frame. These are the motor characteristics of the nakedbike line. The design style is young this time. The Honda CB650R 2019 dashboard uses an LCD screen and displays full vehicle operating parameters such as speed, gear position, rewind cycle and gear shift.

The new 2019 Honda CB650R uses 120 / 70ZR front tires, 180 / 55ZR rear tires and 17-inch alloy wheels. The Japanese manufacturer uses the Showa SFF shock absorber for front wheel, with a diameter of 41 mm, as well as single spring shock absorbers for the rear wheel.

The Honda CB650R 2019 is equipped with a 650 cubic centimeter engine, 16 DOHC valves, 93.8 horsepower at 12,000 rpm and a torque of 64 Nm at 8,500 rpm. The vehicle uses a 6-level gearbox. Honda's built-in integrated torsion control system increases traction and anti-slip clutch in both directions. The vehicle equipped with dual disc brakes in front and a single disc at the rear all have ABS anti-lock function.

On the market, Honda CB650R will compete with the Japanese neighbor Kawsaki Z650. Currently, Kawasaki's nakedbike is distributed at 218 million dong, 28 million less than its rival. Both motorcycle models are imported directly from Thailand, where Z650 costs about $ 8,900 while the price Honda CB650R 2019 is about $ 9,600.

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