Price Honda Monkey 2019: 3,380 USD

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Price Honda Monkey 2019: This version of Honda is redistributed in Malaysia again after receiving positive feedback from customers. The price of Honda Monkey 2019 is $ 3,380.

Price Honda Monkey 2019

Price of Honda Monkey is $ 3,380 in Malaysia. This version of motorcycle was previously sold in Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, the United States...The bike was presented at the 2017 Art of Speed ​​event in Malaysia, but more than a year later, Honda officially sold it.

The Honda Monkey 2019 design is based on the platform of its "brother MSX." The headlamp, taillight and turn signals all use LED technology. The Honda Monkey 2019 bikes are available on the Vietnamese market thanks to private import agents.

Honda Monkey is an urban bike version of 50 cm 3 designed in 1961 and marketed in 1967. In 2017, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Honda has announced the discontinuation of the production of the Monkey because of the difficulty of the emission standard. By 2018, Honda Monkey was back.

Regarding the reason for the decision to redistribute the Honda Monkey 2019 in Malaysia, Boon Siew Honda CEO said he received a lot of positive feedback from his customers.

This bike is 1712 mm long, 754 mm wide and 1029 mm high. The base length is 1152 mm. While looking outside, the Honda Monkey 2019 is similar in size to the MSX. The bike seat height has seat height of 775 mm and the weight of 105 kg.

This version of Honda has the 125cc engine with electronic fuel injection, air-cooled, 9.6 horsepower at 7000 rpm and 10.5 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The Honda Monkey 2019 gearbox is manual with 4 gears.

Comments from Vietnamese customers:

Huy Le: I do not think this motorbike's beautiful. If it costs 3380 USD in Malaysia, it would be 7000 USD in Vietnam. With this price, I would have several choices.

Tre Xanh: I see that Honda Monkey is very well liked in the United States, Canada, Japan...Perhaps, it is thanks to the limited weight to be transported in the pickups.

I'm Biker: I like Honda. The price Honda Monkey 2019 is reasonable for my wife to go shopping.

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