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Price Honda Rebel 500 - The American-style cruiser - costs VND 180 million or about 8000 USD in Vietnam. The model of the Honda Rebel 500 bike loses the Asian style design to take the muscular American style.

Honda Rebel 500

In the 1990s, the name of Honda Rebel imported privately created a fever among Vietnamese youth. Aesthetic ceiling, not too big for Asian bodies, the model of Honda cruiser was immediately famous from the beginning of its appearance. The year 2017 marked the return of this model with a real distribution for the Vietnamese people, but the design of Honda Rebel 300 does not seem to have many relations with the past.

In February 2019, Honda added two new colors to the Honda Rebel 500: black - blue and black - gray, with a price unchanged from the previous period: 180 million VND or 8000 USD. Honda Rebel 500 motorcycles are imported from Thailand and are sold in motorcycle shops licensed only by this company in Ho Chi Minh City.

Honda Rebel 500 itself is not very different from the Honda Rebel 300 in terms of style. At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish these two models without paying attention to the engine. The parameters of size, seat height, steering wheel or equipment are the same.

Honda Rebel 500 has a comfortable sitting posture and the handlebar is placed at a moderate height. The LCD-type speedometer displays time settings, fuel level, route but does not quote speed or number of rewind.

Single disc brakes and ABS anti-lock braking technology are mounted on two wheels. The Honda Rebel 500 motorcycles are equipped with 2-cylinder engines, capacity of 471 cubic centimeters, cooled by solution, capacity of 45.4 hp, maximum torque of 43.2 Nm with the gearbox of 6 levels.

In addition to Honda Rebel 500, Honda Rebel 300 motorcycles are sold with popular motorcycles in Honda stores. According to VnExpress, Japanese automakers are planning to market mid-range motorcycles by the end of 2019 while Honda Rebel 500 has 471 cubic centimeters.

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