Price Yamaha Grand Hybrid in Vietnam is 49.5 million Dong

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Price Yamaha Grand Hybrid is 49.5 million Dong in Vietnam: This scooter model for women improve the lighting system, safety equipment and in particular the Blue Core engine is equipped with the hybrid system.

Price Yamaha Grand Hybrid in Vietnam

After the Honda PCX, Yamaha Grande is also equipped with a hybrid engine - the technology is well known in the automotive industry but is still new for the motorcycle market. This is the first Yamaha model in Vietnam that uses this technology.

The Yamaha Grand Hybrid engine is still the 125cc Blue Core, air-cooled with 8.2 horsepower and a maximum torque of 10.4 Nm. The engine is down 0.84 kg and is equipped with the hybrid system.

The internal combustion engine of a motorcycle is usually equipped with a motorized motor that turns the steering wheel to help the engine start. There is also a generator that generates electricity for the vehicle's electrical system during operation, while recharging it in the battery for storage.

The Yamaha Grand Hybrid engine eliminates individual starters. This role is provided by the generator itself, forming a unit called "smart starter". This is similar to the combination of the ACG starter generator on Honda.

Thanks to this structure, Yamaha Grande Hybrid will have three new features: hybrid assistance when starting, stop the engine and start the engine with a button.

The hybrid function will support Yamaha Grande 3 seconds after the vehicle rolls. When the driver starts the engine and accelerates, the generator reacts like an electric motor, turning to increase traction. The electric motor increases the torque by 7%. So the acceleration from the starting position of the Yamaha Grande Hybrid will improve.

However, this hybrid system only intervenes 3 seconds after the motorcycle rolls; it seems that if the driver suddenly twists the acceleration, the hybrid does not work. Yamaha Grande Hybrid only works with a gasoline engine.

Yamaha Grande Hybrid includes the new Stop & Start Engine II with two modes '' common '' and '' congested road ''. Normally, when the motorcycle stops, the generator also stops but in "congested road" mode, the engine stops only when the vehicle stops for about 5 seconds, which allows uninterrupted operation or comfortable driving to Yamaha Grande Hybrid.

The last feature of the new Blue Core Engine is the ability to start the engine with a button. Previously on the scooter, the driver usually has to press the button for a few seconds to start the engine. But now, he presses the button and releases it right away so that the engine is started. This utility is the effect of the generator structure which is also the starting engine of Yamaha Grande Hybrid.

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