Price Yamaha MT-15 2019 is 3000 USD

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Price Yamaha MT-15 2019 is 3000 USD. Featuring the MT model footprint, the Yamaha MT-15 2019 is also distinguished by the 155cc engine that incorporates a powerful and economical VVA variable valve.

Yamaha MT-15 2019

At the end of 2015, before the announcement of the release of a brand new nakedbike mountain bike by Yamaha in Thailand, the media predicted that it was the MT-15 code vehicle to continue its Yamaha MT series. The media in Southeast Asia was disappointed when the model had many names in different markets, but it was not Yamaha MT-15 at all.

Yamaha again surprised fans of the bike at the launch of nakedbike MT-15 while TFX 150 / M-Slaz / Xabre had existed for less than three years. According rumor, the Yamaha MT-15 2019 would replace the TFX 150 / M-Slaz / Xabre position.

Heir to many of TFX 150's backgrounds, the Yamaha MT-15 2019 has a design language that approaches the larger previous models. The most impressive design is the front with a look inspired by "two eyes" and mask lights like the MT-10 and MT-09 models.

The projection-shaped lighting system is placed under the positioning lamp and placed in a wing-shaped plastic panel at the bottom of the table. The new dashboard displays the speed, the number of gearbox, the fuel status and the Yamaha MT-15 2019 rewind alarm.

In addition to the front of the bike, the body of Yamaha MT-15 2019 is also noticed. In addition to lowering the rear, Yamaha also equips the MT-15 with a quieter seat than the sloped saddle type of the old TFX 150. As a result, the people behind will be more comfortable on long trips.

Details such as the yellow Upside Down front suspension, brakes, front / rear wheels and taillights are all preserved from the TFX 150. Also in the usual Deltabox setting, the Yamaha MT-15 2019 has the engine upgraded to the 155 cm3 SOHC type, VVA variable valve similar to the current R15 V3. Using liquid cooling, this engine produces 19 horsepower and 14.7 Nm of torque. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 6-level gearbox incorporating Slipper Clutch non-slip.

In the Thailand market, with the colors white, dark violet, black and blue, the price Yamaha MT-15 2019 is from 2990 USD.

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