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Pu Luong motorbike tours: The Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located in the northwest of Thanh Hoa province or 150km northwest of the capital of Hanoi. Pu Luong has an area of ​​17,662 ha mainly covered by primary forests. Pu Luong is also the home of the Muong and Thai peoples. Meaning in the language of Thai '' the highest peak of the village '', Pu Luong is known by the green forests, the streams, the magnificent waterfalls, the sublime mountains...

Pu Luong motorbike tours

In addition, Pu Luong has the biggest forests on the limestone mountains of northern Vietnam. The summit of Pu Luong culminating at 1700 m is an interesting hiking point apart from the motorbike tour. In particular, the Pu Luong motorbike tours during the rice season are a unique specialty that attracts many visitors.

Pu Luong which is keeping the very rich values ​​of the natural landscape, the fauna and the flora being very diverse, is ideal place for the travelers having the sense of the exploration of the nature by living differently. During our Pu Luong motorbike tours, you have also chance to enjoy the trekking of 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days...

Pu Luong motorbike tours

In Pu Luong, visitors will discover and learn more about the traditions and customs of the Thai and Muong people which are simple but very colorful by participating in activities of daily life, folk games...Travelers will spend the nights in the spacious houses on stilts of the local people while tasting the traditional dishes around a glass of rice wine...

Get rid of the smoke and dusty air of the noisy city to go to Pu Luong to plunge into the green leaves, terraced fields stretching to the horizon!

In a cool atmosphere, you are free to enjoy nature and socialize with friendly, honest and simple people. You have to stay in homestay to spend a real holiday. Just lie in the room, open the window to watch the green spaces to infinity...

Do not hesitate to stop the engine of your bike to walk around the village! Observe the sea of ​​white clouds floating on the green mountains during the sunny day! Immerse yourself in crystal clear water at the Hieu Village with spectacular views of lush green valley!

You will not miss the Don Village where the peaceful, simple and slow life makes you forget the time. You cannot miss the bustling the Pho Doan Market or the spectacular rice terraces at Son Kit Villages…

Pu Luong motorbike tours

Due to the mountainous terrain, the motorbike is the ideal vehicle to discover the idyllic landscapes of Pu Luong. This is also considered the most popular means of transportation. If you want to change the routine, Vietnam Travel Motorbike shares the experiences of the Pu Luong motorbike tours.

Route of the Pu Luong motorbike tours:

Pu Luong is located in the two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc in northwestern Thanh Hoa province, about 150 km northwest of Hanoi. To reach this destination, you can take many directions.

However, if you are traveling from Hanoi and some provinces and cities in the north, the most convenient way is to go to Pu Luong along the route: Hanoi - Hoa Binh - Mai Chau - Co Luong - Pu Luong.

Or: Hanoi - Xuan Mai - Ho Chi Minh Trail - Cam Thuy - Route 15 C - Canh Nang - Pu Luong. If you come from the south: Thanh Hoa - Ho Chi Minh Trail - Cam Thuy - Route 15 C - Canh Nang - Pu Luong.

You can send us an email at: info@route66asia.com to get more free details on the Pu Luong motorbike tours.

Pu Luong motorbike tours

Most suitable moments for the Pu Luong motorbike tours:

The best time to do the Pu Luong motorbike tours is at the end of May and the beginning of June. This is the moment when the terraced rice fields and the forests here show as much as possible all the idyllic beauties.

If you come to Pu Luong in June, you can admire the green rice fields and in September, you will see the yellow color on the endless rice terraces. These are very pleasant moments because the weather is dry and it is easy to get around on motorbike. In fact, in addition to these moments of the motorbike tour, you can come here during the other months of the year because Pu Luong is always pure and virgin.

What to prepare for the Pu Luong motorbike tours?

The bike plays the most important role for this trip. According to our experience, if you travel to Pu Luong by motorbike, it is better to take the bikes with the clutch. In addition, we should have following norms for an adventure in a natural reserve: easy to repair, easy to move, easy to control downhill speed, easy to carry a lot of things...

Pu Luong motorbike tours

Before you do the Pu Luong motorbike tours, you should check your vehicle: brake, tires, oil change, cam, chain, headlight, brake light...The tires are not too inflated. If it's too inflated, the bike hangs badly on the road; if it's badly inflated, the air - chambers have more risks of being punctured...

To solve the problems that may occur on the road with your bike, it is better to prepare a bag of tools, including pumps, tampons...For the Vietnam motorbike tours in general and the Pu Luong motorbike tours in particular, the weather is a decisive element of your success. Then you should follow the weather forecast in advance to be able to choose beautiful days. In addition, you should not forget to bring your raincoat to avoid sudden rains in a nature reserve.

You should fill the tank of your vehicle. You have to buy gasoline whenever you can: at Mai Chau Valley, on Mai Chau - Co Luong Road, in Xuan Mai, between Xuan Mai and Canh Nang...It is difficult to find the service station. This is another point to note if you are doing Pu Luong motorbike tours.

Pu Luong motorbike tours

Where to stay during the Pu Luong motorbike tours?

Pu Luong motorbike tours are the return to a nature reserve with community tourism services organized rather by local people such as: Muong, Thai...We strongly advise you to stay directly in homestay with the inhabitant, in the houses on stilts nestled in feet of green mountains.

Your trip in the Pu Luong Nature Reserve will directly contribute to the conservation of forests, wildlife, flora...This is also the mission of the development of eco-tourism related to the community and the true protection of nature in the world in general and in particular in Pu Luong. People have the opportunity to work directly in tourism to improve the standard of living to avoid activities harmful to biodiversity...

Pu Luong motorbike tours

Suggestion of the circuits for Pu Luong motorbike tours:

Circuit 1:

Day 1: Hanoi - Hoa Binh - Mai Chau - Pu Luong (190 km)
Day 2: Pu Luong - Canh Nang - Cam Thuy - Ho Chi Minh Trail - Hanoi (150 km)

Circuit 2:

Day 1: Hanoi - Hoa Binh - Mai Chau - Pu Luong (190 km)
Day 2: You can stop the Pu Luong motorbike tours to do trekking according to your physical capacity.
Day 3: Trekking in Pu Luong
Day 4: Pu Luong - Canh Nang - Cam Thuy - Ho Chi Minh Trail - Hanoi (150 km) by motorbike…

You can send us an email to: info@route66asia.com to have more free details to better prepare your Pu Luong motorbike tours.

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