Vietnam Motorbike Travel: Questions and Answers

Vietnam Travel Motorbike has collected the questions that our travelers often ask us. If you cannot find yours, please ask us by email:

Vietnam Travel Motorbike

1. Vietnam motorbike travel needs the guide?

Yes, we offer you a guide. It's not just only a trip with the motorbike but also cultural discoveries, meetings with local populations...Communication in foreign languages: English, French...are still limited in Vietnam, especially in the mountains. You need a guide to translate, share, discover...or simply to take you to the villages to spend the night. Vietnam Travel Motorbike does not just rent motorcycles.

2. Do you need experiences to do the Vietnam motorbike tour?
Yes, but Vietnam Travel Motorbike is not just only for professional bikers. We create trips that adapt to your different levels. We do not race. Our trips are oriented towards cultural exchanges, sharing, which motorbikes remain the most practical way.

3. Driving motorbike is difficult in Vietnam?
No, but here, we honk a lot when we want to double someone or just to prevent or even say hello...We must always be attentive because life is lively along the road where the road code is often poorly respected. The authorized speed in the agglomeration is often 40 km per hour and on the road, it is between 50 - 70 km per hour. Vietnam Travel Motorbike does not race. So driving must be calm and careful.

4. How much driving time per day?
Vietnam Travel Motorbike offers tours at your own rhythm. So, the driving time of the bike varies according to your wish. On average, driving lasts 4 - 6 - 7 hours a day. The rest of the trip is reserved for meetings, visits, walks...

5. How to choose the circuits with Vietnam Travel Motorbike?
We are here to personalize your Vietnam motorbike tours with you. You are free to choose dates, duration, budget, levels, motorcycle styles, hotel categories...

6. Vietnam motorbike travel in which season?
Autumn, the end of winter and the beginning of spring are the good times to do Vietnam motorbike tour. January, February...offer good conditions: There is no heavy rain but there is sometimes fog in the high mountains. It's a little cold. Landscapes are less green compared to summer. March, April and May are favorable for doing Vietnam motorbike tour. It's not very warm. It does not rain much.
Between June and the end of September, rice terraces are covered by rice. It's hot, but the temperature does not interfere with your motorcycle trip, especially in the high mountains. But there is the risk of getting rain but not every day.

7. What are the hotel categories?
Your Vietnam motorbike tour is often spent in the countryside where the choice of hotels is often limited, except in the cities known for tourism: Sapa, Hue, Hoi An...As a connoisseur of the field, Vietnam Travel Motorbike chooses the best accommodation in terms of comfort, cleanliness, budget...We often choose accommodation in homestay to enjoy meetings, the warm atmosphere. It’s often houses on stilts that are arranged more or less to accommodate foreigners. By staying with families with Vietnam Travel Motorbike, you are helping them to increase their standard of living.

8. How to transport luggage?
You have to travel slightly in Vietnam. Depending on your duration, season...Vietnam Travel Motorbike provides you with the most necessary tips in terms of luggage. If you miss something, it's easy to buy it (except in the most isolated regions). Normally, you can carry your entire luggage on your motorcycle. Vietnam Travel Motorbike can organize trucks, mini carry luggage at your request (with a large group for example) but with the additional cost.

10. Security equipment?
You are responsible for having the equipment for the motorbike tour. We can provide helmets, winter clothes, rain gear (Notify us in advance).

11. Do you need a driving license while traveling in Vietnam on a motorbike?
Yes, although local authorities turn a blind eye to the conduct of foreign travelers. The international driving license is recognized in Vietnam. So, you need the license provided by your country and the international license.

12. Do you need insurance?
Vietnam Travel Motorbike is a local travel agent. So, foreign travelers are advised to have the insurance of their country. You need the repatriation insurance, the insurance covering the practice of motorbike... Local insurance is complicated with limited reimbursement.

13. What are the rules on security?
It is imperative to drive carefully. Life is alive on the side of the road, even in the countryside where clinics provide the most basic care. There are hospitals only in cities, capitals, district centers...You have to be 100% attentive. The horn is not frowned upon. You must not get angry at local people who do not drive like you.

In case of clashes, foreigners often have to pay something. You have to let your guide talk to people. We must always remain calm. You must follow the guide of Vietnam Travel Motorbike who accompanies you.

14. What is the price?
The price of the Vietnam motorbike tour depends strongly on the elements like: Number of person, duration of the trip, category of hotel, style of motorcycle... Here is an idea to give you:

+ About 159 USD per day per person: 1 English speaking guide + 1 motorbike 125 cm 3 (without meals, accommodation, tips...). The 125 cm 3 bike is reserved for only one person.
+ About 170 USD per day per person: 1 English speaking guide + motorbike 250 cm 3 (without meals, accommodation, tips...). If you are two people to share a motorbike 250 cm 3, it will be 85 USD (170/2) per person per day...

Note: The salary for the English - speaking guide is divided by the number of people in the group. You contact Vietnam Travel Motorbike: for all free details.

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