Route 66 by motorcycle

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Route 66 motorcycle: One day, mid-June, in the southern heat of the United States, we started the motorcycle to begin the 12-day trip across the United States, from the east coast to the west coast, on Route 66 - The Legendary Route.

Route 66 by motorcycle

Route 66 is the first American highway linking eight states, from Chicago to Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to end in Los Angeles. Now Route 66 has completely accomplished its mission of being a communication bridge of the largest cities on the vast American continent. Many people love the legendary Route 66 because it is simply associated with the contemporary history of the United States. If you have the opportunity to drive on this road, be sure to visit several destinations to find out more about the 3.945 km long Route 66.

Route 66 by motorbike: Itineraty on the legend:

Route 66 runs from the outskirts of the city of Chicago to the state of Illinois and ends in Los Angeles, across eight states including: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New -Mexico, Arizona and California.

Route 66 is considered "myth" and "history" because it is almost the first highway in the US Started in 1857 for military purposes. The road has gradually expanded into concrete. Motorcycle tour on Route 66 is the discovery of the road called by the American people "Mother Road" which gives birth to a system of highways, huge boulevards of the current United States.

Therefore, we started the Route 66 motorcycle tour forward from St. Louis, Missouri. It is unfortunate that our trip did not start at the beginning point and is not finished at the ending point of the road. But we are proud to have been able to cross Route 66 by traveling nearly 3,000 km to discover the distinct beauties of each state and embark on a bewitching journey.

Route 66

In the summer months, pickups towing mobile trucks or recreational vehicles (RVs) towing motorcycles or small cars ran along Route 66. Although it was hot, but it was the season of travel enthusiasts. The convoys that followed each other on the distant road seemed to have no stop. I told myself that the Route 66 motorbike tour of a thousand kilometers was a dream trip and a journey of life.

Route 66 by motorcycle: Some interesting destinations:

During the Route 66 motorbike trip, you can discover the classic cities, the vast deserts, the majestic cliffs...By stopping in Tucumcari in New Mexico, you will discover old-style motels, 7-color neon lights, dusty but charming pubs...Route 66 is also a great way to take visitors to the world-famous Grand Canyon, which has also become a source of inspiration for works of art.

So, our Route 66 motorcycle trip started in St. Louis of Missouri where there is the Gateway Arch, the tallest iron-built monument in America measuring 192 meters high and 192 m wide. The Gateway Arch was built specifically for American people and has been the pride of the population of St. Louis for 55 years.

This is the section of Baxter Springs in the city of Kansas which was only 11 km long but which was the first section of Route 66 to be covered by concrete in 1929. It is Elk City, a city ​​with the very strange name located between Oklahoma and Texas, the country of cowboys. Along the highway, "pay attention to the deer" signs are continuously connected.

In the early morning, when I was about to start a new day, a big deer jumped on the road and surprised me knowing why the city was called Elk City - The City of Deer With Horn. It's Santa Fe from New Mexico, where the first Mexican people landed on free American land...

Route 66

Santa Fe has a very strange architecture, among the houses built in red faience without roof, of square shape. There are some houses in front of which hang clusters of red chilies that are the sign of recognition of a family of Mexican origin. Do not forget to visit the Loreto Chapel during the Route 66 motorbike trip!

The small chapel does not seem to attract visitors from outside, especially when nearby is located a charming cathedral with Roman architecture built during the Spanish colonization but Loretto attracts all visitors because there is a mysterious stairs called "Staircase of the Mystery" or "Stairs of St. Joseph". The staircase has a mysterious architecture. Until now, no one has been able to explain how it can be stand for years, when it followed no physical principle in addition to the mystery of his builder. Loretto and Staircase are the spiritual stories of the faithful followers on Route 66…

It is Flagstaff of Arizona. Flaggstaff may not be famous, but Arizona is too imposing with the Grand Canyon. I came to Arizona for the Grand Canyon, but Route 66 kept me on the road from New Mexico to Arizona and stopped at Flagstaff as the final destination before taking the other roads.

From Flagstaff, we headed for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is on the list of "One hundred points to discover before death", where all nature lovers would dream to go once in life. The Grand Canyon 450 km long, 29 km wide and 1.5 km deep (the deepest place) has been dug by the Colorado River for millions of years.

Route 66

In the heat of the summer, groups of tourists were always coming here to stay open-mouthed, admiring the beauty created by nature, and then squatting down the cliffs to descend. They were satisfied with themselves when they overcame fear to realize the dream of being stretched once in the middle of majestic nature. Before leaving Flagstaff, I took a lot of trouble leaving Route 66 to head to Nevada instead of continuing on Mother's Road to the final destination - Santa Monica in Los Angeles…

Route 66 is a symbol of history, of different cultures across every city, every state, symbol of freedom to live and travel, of a liberal spirit and passion for the experience…

On the windy and sunny sections, I heard the voices of Mick Jagger - the pillar of the Rolling Stones: Well if you ever plan to motor west, just take my way thats the highway thats the best. Get your kicks on Route 66, well it winds from Chicago to L.A. More than 2000 miles all the way. Get your kicks on Route 66…

Although part of this legendary Route 66 has become the past, its historic values ​​are still preserved. In addition, it is certain that Route 66 will still welcome all travelers in search of romance in American history by motorbike…


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