Route 66 USA tours

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Route 66 USA tours in the United States: Route 66, with a total length of 3945 km, is the main route connecting major US cities. It is also the first American highway that connects East to West, extending from Chicago through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to end in Santa Monica California. The Route 66 USA tours are opportunities to enjoy the "legendary route".

Route 66 USA tours

Route 66 USA tours - Historic adventure on the road named "Mother Road":

Route 66 USA tours are the Return to Historic Trips on the road named "Mother's Highway" or "Will Rogers Highway". This main road of the United States is associated with the classic song "Get your kicks on Route 66" performed by the famous singer Nat King Cole for the first time in 1946.

Route 66 was built in November 1926, when signs bearing the name 66 began to be installed en route. However, since 1857, this highway has been built in part to meet the needs of the military. In 1938, Route 66 was concreted entirely.

Route 66 USA tours are associated with the history of the car in the United States. In the early 1920s, with the rapid development of the automotive industry, especially since Henry Ford launched millions of Ford Model T being durable and inexpensive but very solid cars, the number of cars registered was 500,000 to 10 million in 10 years. So, it needed an inter-federal highway through the United States: Chicago, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Los Angeles. So this is reason why Route 66 was built with only two lanes of 2,448 miles.

Route 66 USA tours

Route 66 is considered the major blood vessels to feed the strong but still young United States body. After much discussion about the name, Route 66 brings a lot of good mysteries to the story since the summer of 1926. Previously, in 1913, Lincoln Highway was the first American highway connecting New York to San Francisco and the Dixie Expressway linking Chicago to Miami. The Route 66 USA tours are convenient because this route crosses the heart of the United States but on flat terrain.

American people will never forget Route 66 with memories of the Great Depression of 1933, when some 210,000 immigrants rushed to the West, with bare feet or by following the tracks of wheels in dust or storms on this highway looking for a job and a new life, although the new place was also very difficult during the national recession...There is a heavenly road that crosses many states, a road that crisscrosses under the heels of the adventurers to make the story more heroic. The road is imbued with tears and human affections. This route has also fed a large number of American people in several generations during the difficult times of the Great Depression of the 30s and is the red line for immigrants... It's Route 66.

Route 66 USA tours

That day, they took this dusty Route 66. At that time, the road had only pebbles, gravel...They slept in the dilapidated inns, in the cabins temporarily installed in fabrics, under the panels, in abandoned farms, warehouses...Although they were exhausted, but they have not lost the hope of the bright future. Over the next five years, thousands of unemployed youth were recruited to tar Route 66, facing the ice and hot, dry summers all year round…

Route 66 has turned its new page. At the beginning of the Second World War, Lieutenant-Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower had to cross the spring muddy road of Kansas to transport military equipments from the East to the West. So quickly, Route 66 was upgraded and became the "Red Route" of military transports for troops recruited from all directions to bases in California. From there, the young men and women undertook a journey to create the heroic story in Europe and in the world. As General Eisenhower returned from Europe after admiring the architecture of the Hitlerian highways in Germany, called Autobahn, Parliament approved the 1956 Federal Highway Bill by investing $ 70 billion in this mythical Route 66.

And it was the golden age of Route 66. Day and night, vehicles of all kinds were looming. The convoys transferred the weapons, the soldiers after the war with nostalgia returning impatiently to the native village...The relocation of many commercial services multiplied along Route 66: thousands of cafes, restaurants, motels, gas stations, garages... All the architectural establishments located along the highway create animated and alive particularities in the American history with the colorful advertising signs, the neon shining in the dark…Of course, in addition to John Steinbeck's literary works, Route 66 has created its strong positions in Hollywood shows and music composers.

Route 66 USA tours

Peace settled, the Route 66 USA tours have become the ideal trips for souls who are passionate about conquests. Due to the fact of crossing several states, famous destinations, interesting topographies..., the attraction of the Route 66 USA tours becomes more and more intense. Each state has a wonderful and interesting character.

The Route 66 USA tours begin in Springfield, with the Shea gas station (now a small museum) in Abraham Lincoln's hometown of Illinois. Chicago is home to the popular Lou Mitchell restaurant where guests line up enjoying complimentary donuts and candies while waiting. While crossing Oklahoma, visitors should not miss the Milk Bottle Grocery store where there is a large bottle of milk, Vietnamese bread...You will see the Amarillo cemetery of Cadillac cars in Texas on which you can mark your name in honor of the Route 66 tours. In New Mexico, Route 66 runs along the monuments, the villages of red peoples' architecture with the mud brick houses. Then Route 66 USA tours crosses the Painted Desert - a colorful desert with the crater having a surface of ​​a baseball field dug by a meteorite since 50.000-years in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon...There are some of the main landmarks of hundreds of tourist attractions full of readiness and history of the Route 66 USA tours.

Route 66 USA tours

Route 66 USA tours become more interesting in the autumn when the scenery is beautiful with the leaves of the forest changing color to lead you to the Loretto Chapel, to the Christian Church San Miguel, to the Civil War Museum El Rancho de las Golondrinas...

Route 66 USA tours are the return to small museums, monuments that tell the story of difficult immigration and the free time on the popular Cadillac convertible, the big Harley Davison powered by the wind...The romance of humanity like The Grapes of Wrath, Mouse and Man; Rock and Rolls songs by Elvis Presley; the elegant voice of Nat King Cole, the films of Pixas...have left in the heart of thousands of generations a beautiful and nostalgic Route 66.

Although part of Route 66 has become a historical past, its historical values ​​are still preserved today. The Route 66 tours will welcome all travelers wishing to explore a romance of American history from the field.

For the people of the United States, Route 66 USA tours not only contribute to the development of local commerce, but also symbolize victory, independent spirit, freedom of movement, culture, history and economy. Today, although replaced by a system of modern highways, millions of visitors from around the world continue to make the Route 66 USA tours each year on the historic route.


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