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Sapa motorbike tour: Sapa in Vietnam is a mountain town, a famous resort town, a climatic station created by the French people in the early 20th century. Sapa preserves many wonders of nature, landscapes of rice terraces, cultural colors of local ethnic groups…to create a picturesque and harmonious painting in northern Vietnam. Route 66 Asia is very pleased to share the following experiences of the Sapa motorbike tour with you:

Sapa motorbike tour

Sapa motorbike tour in which season?

The excellent time for the Sapa motorbike tour is between May and November or from March to April. In these times, the weather is good in Sapa and the climate is stable. The day is sunny and the night is cool. Sapa is very beautiful in spring with colorful colors in the fresh air.

In May, it's the season of watering. The rice terraces are filled with water to create impressive landscapes. At the end of May, in early June, local populations begin to transplant rice in rice terraced fields. The scenes of rice transplanting are splendid, attracting a large number of paparazzi. Between June and August, the Sapa motorbike tour is the time to plunge yourself into the endless green rice terraces.

From September to October, rice is ripe. The space of Sapa becomes golden in the autumn sun. The yellow and brilliant terraced rice fields, the smile of the people in front of a good harvest...are the subject of the Sapa motorbike tour of the local adventurers.

Sapa motorbike tour

The winter in Sapa starts from December. Snow can fall occasionally. There is often fog. It is also the season of peach blossoms…However, the Sapa motorbike tour in this season can face the difficulties caused by winter.

Time to avoid going there:

These are the holidays in Vietnam according to the solar calendar: December 30 to January 1 (It's better to avoid the solar New Year); from April 29 to May 2; September 1 to September 3; The new road Hanoi - Sapa was made. So, it is better to avoid the Sapa motorbike tour during the weekends because there are too many people.

Some itineraries of the Sapa motorbike tour:

There are many options for getting to Sapa. Among the vehicles used, motorbike is an excellent choice for travelers who like to experience the strong feelings through the jungle or through the trails hanging on the side of the green mountains.

Choosing motorbike travel becomes one of the top priorities for those who love freedom and challenge themselves. How to get to Sapa by motorbike? From Hanoi, travelers to Sapa take the road Hanoi - Yen Bai - Lao Cai. The landscapes following the road are quite bucolic... Here are some summary itineraries of Sapa motorbike tour:

Sapa motorbike tour

Circuit 1:

Day 1: Hanoi - Thac Ba Lake
Day 2: Thac Ba - Lao Cai - Sapa
Day 3: Sapa (for hiking to discover its wonders)
Day 4: Sapa - Mu Cang Chai
Day 5: Mu Cang Chai - Nghia Lo
Day 6: Nghia Lo - Hanoi

Circuit 2:

Day1: Hanoi - Mai Chau
Day 2: Mai Chau - Moc Chau - Son La
Day 3: Son La - Dien Bien Phu
Day 4: Dien Bien Phu - Lai Chau
Day 5: Lai Chau - Sapa

Tour 3: Ha Giang - Sapa.

We can send the bike by train between Hanoi station and Lao Cai station (38 km from Sapa) and vice versa. In Sapa city, you can easily rent a motorbike with speed or automatic to explore its beautiful surroundings...You can send us an email: for the precise itinerary of the Sapa motorbike tour with your availability.

Sapa motorbike tour’s destinations:

Sapa motorbike tour takes you to a climatic health resort built by the French people in the early 20th century. Sapa hides natural heritages and considerable human resources to await your discovery. Here are the most important destinations of the Sapa motorbike travel:

Sapa motorbike tour

. Muong Hoa Valley with the villages of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai ...: the entrance costs 75.000 D (3 USD by person) while leaving the city of Sapa: The Muong Hoa Valley is an attractive destination with splendid terraced rice fields, the peaceful villages of local people such as: Hmong Noir, Dao, Giay...The terraced fields of Muong Hoa were presented by Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the seven most beautiful rice fields in Asia. The beauty of the terraced fields of Muong Hoa in Sapa has been known as one of the 30 most beautiful destinations in the world.

You can take the motorbike, the car from the city of Sapa to go to the village of Lao Chai. From there, you walk about 1h 30 (easy to walk) through the valley to the Ta Van suspension bridge where the car waits for you.

If you do not want to walk, you can take the motorbike from Lao Chai - Ta Van. You can walk Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai on a wild trail to admire the beautiful scenery of this valley.

For hikers, they can walk from Y Linh Ho (near the city of Sapa) - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai in one day. This activity makes your Sapa motorbike tour different from all the others.

. Anciens stone blog: Since the suspension bridge of Ta Van, if you continue 1 km, you will see more than 200 stone blogs engraved with exotic patterns, multiple forms: stairs, people, roads, scriptures, symbols of the sun…of which the explanation remains a controversy.

Sapa motorbike tour

. Thanh Kim Village - Ban Ho Valley: From the stone blogs, follow the small road for about 7k, you will arrive at the Thanh Kim village inhabited by the red Dao amid the magnificent rice terraces, near the hotel Topas Ecolodge. In front of Topas ecolodge hotel, the valley of Ban Ho appears idyllic where the Tay people live. You do not hesitate to spend a night in their houses on stilts. It would be a nice souvenir of the Sapa motorbike tour.

. Thac Bac Waterfall and Tram Ton pass or the Haven Gate: The Thac Bac waterfall is about 12 kilometers from Sapa, on the 4D road towards Lai Chau. With the height of about 50 m, you will feel the majesty of nature in the cool water...

The entrance to the Thac Bac waterfall is 20,000 Dong (1 USD by person).

From the Thac Bac waterfall, you drive a few kilometers further to conquer Tram Ton pass at 2100 m - the highest in Vietnam. From this place, you will see Mount Fansipan - the highest in Indochina - which is imposing in the middle of the Universe, deep chasms, with primary forests containing many mysteries to explore. The view of the pass from the top of Tram Ton is ideal to better understand the greatness of the Sapa motorbike tour.

Sapa motorbike tour

. Ma Tra Valley - Ta Phin: From the center of Sapa town, drive about 10 km to reach Ta Phin. Residents here are mainly the Red Dao and the Black Hmong with their unique cultural identity.

The entry Ta Phin costs: 40.000 D per person, barely 2 USD per person. The entrance Ma Tra costs: 20.000 D per person, barely 1 USD. It is ideal to make a loop: Sapa - Ta Phin - Ma Tra - Sapa by motorbike or even on foot.

To avoid:

. The village of Cat Cat is too touristy, especially on weekends and holidays. The entrance is expensive. Leaving Sapa, the view of the mountain chain Hoang Lien Son is very beautiful but the further down to the Cat Cat Valley, there are only shops for tourists...

. The garden of Ham Rong has the beautiful view of the city of Sapa and its surroundings but has too many people, especially during weekends and holidays... You can send us an email: to have more precise advice of Sapa motorbike tour.

Surroundings to discover while doing the Sapa motorbike tour:

When doing the Sapa motorbike travel, if you have an extra day, do not miss the markets of ethnic peoples in traditional costume. It is not only the place of commerce but, above all, the place of cultural exchange in a unique atmosphere. So, you have:

Sapa motorbike tour

Bac Ha market: Sunday: about 100 km from Sapa
Muong Khuong market: Sunday: 80 km
Muong Hum market: Sunday: 90 km
Can Cau market: Saturdays: 120 km
Pha Long market: Saturdays: 90 km
Cao Son market: Wednesdays: 90 km
Lung Khau Nhin market: Thursday: 100 km
|Sin Chen market: Thursday: 130 km
Coc Ly market: Tuesday: 70 km

Common points of these markets: It is the daily life of the local ethnic groups who go to the market in traditional costume with the particular atmosphere. The road to these markets gives you the opportunity to admire the splendid beauty of the mountains during the Sapa motorbike tour.

Sapa motorbike tour: Frequently asked questions - Answers:

Where to stay when doing Sapa motorbike tour? Sapa is famous not only on the map of Vietnam but around the world, so you do not have to worry about the hotel (except during holidays). Sapa has four-star hotels, guest houses, DOM room (shared room at the price of 7 USD per night per person).

For the Sapa travel for small budget travelers, you have:

. Cat Cat Hotel: Telephone: 0912205154 (in English); Email: Mr. Ha from this hotel can provide you with all the information and services of the Sapa travel and its surroundings...
. Gecko Hotel: comfortable room for 20 – 22 USD per night. Contact: Mr. Duong: 0903210477 in French and English; Email:
. Sapatrek Hostel, 13 xuan vien, tel: 0214.3872192 - 0912372893. The price of the room is about 15 EUR / night.
. Phuong Nam Hotel: Fansipang, tel: 0214 3871286. The price of DOM room is about 8 USD / night per person with breakfast.
. Lotus Hotel: 5 Muong Hoa, Tel: 0214 3871308
. Stunning View Hotel, 28 Muong Hoa, Tel: 0214 3872310. Room rates are around 20 USD / night.
. Sapa Queen Hotel, 9 Muong Hoa, Tel: 0214.3871123. The room rate is around 20 USD / night.

Another form of accommodation that Route 66 Asia offers is the homestay during the Sapa motorbike tour. Visitors can rent houses, room, a place…of ethnic minorities living in the villages and stay with them during the trip. Staying with the local populations, visitors can learn more about their lifestyle, take meals together... Great moment of sharing! It is also a form of accommodation to help local people increase their standard of living in a sustainable way and travelers save money during the Sapa motorbike tour.

Food: When you come to Sapa, you have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, the local food...Here are the addresses of the most famous restaurants:

. If you want to enjoy the barbecue: Come to the Grill in Cau May street or the other restaurants in Fansipang street.
. Gecko Restaurant: 33 Xuan Vien street; Tel: 0214 3871 898 - 0903 210 477. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere, offering Asian cuisine, Sapa specialties, many French dishes...
. Red Dao Restaurant: 4B Thac Bac Street; Tel: 096 914 97 89. The restaurant is on stilts, cozy, especially Asian cuisine.
. Gerbera Restaurant: No. 31 Cau May Street; Tel: 0214 3871 064 - 0904345179: cozy restaurant, rich Asian food...
. Indigo Restaurant: 23, Dong Loi; Tel: 0214 3873 016. The cozy restaurant offers Sapa food, Asian cuisine...
. Viet Emotion: 27 Cau May, Tel: 0214.3872529. The restaurant is cozy with beautiful decoration which offers Vietnamese cuisine.
. Come to the Delta Restaurant, 33 Cau May, Tel: 0214 3871799 if you want to enjoy Italian cuisine during the Sapa motorbike tour.

Can you rent a motorbike on site? Yes, it is very easy to rent the motorbike on site. You go to the end of Cau May Street. These motorbikes for rent are at the crossroads, opposite the Royal Sapa hotel. There are 100 - 110 cm 3 motorbikes with speed and automatic motorbikes.

Is the Sapa motorbike tour dangerous? Yes, if you do not master the motorbike driving on the mountain roads. Otherwise, there is no problem of insecurity such as: theft, harassment...However, during public holidays, there are many people. So, you pay attention to pickpockets...
You can send us an email at: for more free details about the Sapa motorbike tour.

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