Scooter tours Vietnam for the Tet Holiday

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Scooter tours Vietnam for the Tet Holiday: The Tet Holiday arrives. Many people cannot find train, plane, bus tickets...

So, many vietnamese people choose to make scooter tours Vietnam to return to the native village.

Scooter tours Vietnam

Nguyen Dinh Duc, 28 years old in Ha Tinh shared: There are many reasons to choose the scooter tours to go home, but the main reasons are: it's practical; it is economical; you can leave actively when you want and with the available vehicles. Currently, transportation services often increase prices and put pressure on customers. The food is not guaranteed on the occasion of the arrival of the Tet Holiday...

In the past five years, on every lunar New Year occasion, Mr. Duc has been home from Ho Chi Minh City with his wife by doing Vietnam scooter tours in 1,500 km. But this year, his wife gave birth to a baby, so he left alone. The young father said: The driver must take care of the safety for the person behind. The person sitting behind must not fall asleep. It's very dangerous.

Usually to return to his home village, he must pass through the Ca Pass (adjacent to Phu Yen - Khanh Hoa) and the Hai Van Pass (adjacent to Da Nang - Hue). These are the challenges of all Vietnam scooter tours. Especially, when it rains, it will be difficult to drive because of the limited visibility.

However, even in densely populated areas, there are still potential risks. Once, the couple left during the night in the city to avoid traffic jams. "When we were at the traffic lights at the intersection, there were two vehicles following us, the drivers were planning to pull our things out, but they failed, and they followed us to look for stories. They wanted that I stop but I accelerated to escape them.

Scooter tours Vietnam

Mr. Duc added that risk factors often occur unexpectedly because the traffic was disordered and difficult to control. When you are unsure of something, slow down or stop to rest while letting the engine cool down. His scooter tours Vietnam take normally about 2 days.

The joy of those who drive the scooter tours to return to the hometown to celebrate the Tet holiday is to meet many companions. The Vietnam scooter tours by group will be safer on deserted roads or in bad weather...

Quang Hanh (21 years old) has also returned from Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Tri with a distance of more than 1,100 km. "Every year, I only come home twice, the summer holidays are short, so I choose the bus or the plane, but for the Tet Holiday, I often choose the scooter tours to feel the Tet atmosphere of the places I go through as a rewarding experience.”

Once at Ca Pass, when it was dark and there was no accommodation, Hanh had to knock on the door of a local family to ask for help. Fortunately, a family let him enter the garden where he installed a tent to spend the night. Hanh often did not talk about his Vietnam scooter tours to his family so people could be reassured. But every year his parents scolded him when he showed up at home abruptly.

"He is very stubborn, but there is really no other way because it is difficult to find the transport ticket at the arrival of the Tet Holiday.  It's complicated, so I just said my son to be safe, "said Hanh's mother.

Dinh Cao Thanh Dat (23 years old in Quang Binh) has a lot of trouble. The only option is to make the scooter tours of over 300 km. "I remember when I got back from Danang close to the house, I got stuck with a flat tire, in the middle of the day the sun was incendiary, the bike was heavy because of a lot of things, but I had to push it for about ten kilometers, which made me cry, fortunately, a pickup driver helped me to transport my bike to a garage, it was an unforgettable Vietnam scooter tour. “.

Scooter tours Vietnam

There are people who travel a hundred kilometers, but carry too many things, which increases the length of the trip because you have to go slowly. "Excessive baggage is hurting my back every time, it's worse when you travel more than 100 km without daring to go to the toilet because of the weight of the baggage," but Hoang Nghia (in Thai Binh) said. He had to drive home to have the bike for trips in the spring.

People who return home by scooter tours can decide when to leave as their wish. So, they are moving when the Tet Holiday arrives. In some bus stations in the city of Hanoi in the afternoon of 1/2/2019 (lunar December 27, 2018), some local buses were not always able to leave on time while there was only a few customers.

"This year, the weather is nice, so many people choose to do the scooter tours for the Tet holiday, although this is the last day of work but compared to other years, the number of passengers has dropped considerably" , said Dinh Quang Huy, a bus driver on the Hanoi - Lang Son route, while Vietnamese people do scooter tours Vietnam to celebrate Tet Holiday in native village.

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