Touring motorcycles Vietnam

Touring motorcycles Vietnam: Touring motorcycles are kinds of motorcycles being designed to do touring. In fact, most motorcycles can be used for touring but manufacturers have developed specific models to give comfort to riders.

For example, touring motorcycles commonly have large windshields to protect rider against wind, large-capacity fuel tanks for distances, engines with a great deal of low-end horsepower, a more relaxed and upright seating position than sport bikes…En reality, in Vietnam, there are following kinds of touring motorcycles:

Touring motorcycles Vietnam

Touring motorcycles Vietnam in automatic scooter model:

These touring motorcycles have often modern designs which are suitable for women. It is comfortable for bikers traveling while carrying a lot of things because the trunk is wider than other vehicles. Scooters use more modern tubeless tires. So even if you roll on the nails, you can go a little further to find a repair place. Furthermore, automatic scooters keep you cleaner because laying feet are quite large.

But automatic scooters have also many defects: These motorcycles are for flat road. If you go into rough roads, you will encounter more obstacles than with other models. The ability to climb steep passages is quite low; the user can not actively change gears. Maintenance costs of these touring motorcycles Vietnam are often higher than other vehicles so you should think carefully before choosing it.

Touring motorcycles Vietnam with gear box but without clutch:

Touring motorcycles with gear box are designed to be suitable for traveling in different kinds of road. These vehicles cost less and maintenance costs are cheaper than automatic scooter. Maintenance before trip is also easier. Furthermore, the motorcycles with gear consume less fuel than automatic scooters. Now, Vietnamese people use more motorcycles with gear than automatic scooters so you can rent it more easily.

This kind of motorcycle has also many defects: the trunk is smaller so carrying the equipment is also more limited; although the maintenance costs are smaller, but it can be easily damaged; the biker become rapidly dirty… It is necessary to accelerate so that the light of the lighthouse is more powerful whereas the light of the automatic scooters does not depend on the acceleration. But if you love steep roads, these touring motorcycles Vietnam are suitable for your trip.

Touring motorcycles Vietnam with clutch:

These touring motorcycle types have the advantages: economical, suitable for long distances, convenient for the passes…These motorcycles have the tank of gasoline more important...but also disadvantages: It is more difficult to drive. The use of the clutch can hurt the fingers, the hand...The luggage box is small...

Touring motorcycles Vietnam

Touring motorcycles Vietnam: Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki?

There are many touring motorcycles manufacturers but there are three major manufacturers. So, we are only talking about these 3 motorcycle brands:

- Honda: This is the most popular brand that is often chosen by bikers. Spare parts are relatively easy to find with the most reasonable price.

- Yamaha: Yamaha bike styles are famous for powerful engines which are very suitable for professionals. However, these spare parts of these touring motorcycles  are a little expensive and not always easy to find, it will be more difficult when you need the repair. Yamaha motorcycles often consume more gasoline than Honda bikes with the same segment.

- Suzuki: The touring motorcycles Vietnam of this brand are solid, economical for long distance trips. But the choice of these great motorcycles is not in first because of the difficulty of finding spare parts to change. Maintenance costs are more expensive.

What motorcycles to choose?

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose your touring motorcycles Vietnam that suit you for each trip provided that it is in good condition and well maintained before each trip. In fact, the most popular, economical and easy to repair motorcycles such as Honda Dream, Honda Wave, Yamaha Sirius, Honda Future...are often chosen by biker having small budget. But it is necessary to note these small bikes cannot go fast...with 100 cm cube engines.

Touring motorcycles

In short, whatever your choice, take care of it before each trip and enjoy your trip! The key is how you go and feel, not what you have! Overall, Honda is the most popular, followed by Yamaha and Suzuki for the choice of touring motorcycles Vietnam.

Touring motorcycles Vietnam often used by foreigners and by also by local bikers:

Honda Win, Yamaha Exciter and off-road naked bikes are the most chosen touring motorcycles of many foreign and Vietnamese bikers.

The conquest of topographies and long distances is the dream and passion of many adventurers. But not everyone has enough conditions to buy an expensive motorcycle. So, in Vietnam, they use small, healthy touring motorcycles but have enough capacity to drive on many roads. It is possible to name these models, including Honda Win, Yamaha Exciter and light Naked Bikes for off-road:

Honda Win: Honda Win has a long-time presence in Vietnam which is not only a means of demonstrating "virility" and "strength", but also an ideal way to conquer the roads of Vietnam.

Honda Win has a straight sitting form. The seal is long and easy to put luggage thanks to the long iron frame at the back. Honda Win uses a 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 100 cc, so that the easy-to-repair engine works more stably. Honda Win is often chosen as the touring motorcycles Vietnam by low-budget travelers.

Touring motorcycles Vietnam

Honda Fortune 125: Honda Fortune touring motorcycles are produced in China. This is a very affordable model. This motorcycle is equipped with a 4-stroke, 125 cm cube engine that is strong enough and durable with reasonable fuel consumption. It's really a bike that suits long-distance travelers, although the speed does not increase quickly, but it's pretty smooth when it moves. This kind of touring motorcycles Vietnam has a wide and long saddle designed for long distance trips.

Yamaha Exciter: It's the bike with the clutch that is very popular with local bikers thanks to the slim, lightweight, solid design, powerful but very economical engine.

Light naked bike for off-road: Among the kinds of touring motorcycles Vietnam, light naked bike for off-road is the most expensive model, but it is the most capable of conquering the easy and difficult terrain.

With the upright seating position, the shock absorbers designed for long journeys, the powerful engines, the light naked bikes for off-road are not only able to ride well on long roads, but also show their superiority on off the beaten path.

With about 30 to 40 million VND, bikers could own a vehicle in good condition like Yamaha Serrow, Yamaha Tricker, Kawasaki D-Tracker...but especially Honda XR125. If the budget is more abundant, the choice of 400 or 450 cc touring motorcycles Vietnam styles is great on several terrains of the country.

So Route 66 Asia has:

1. Touring motorcycles Vietnam of Honda XR150 L are considered to be a small, cricket-shaped, multi-course version of Honda. The bike is favorable for driving in the city or even on the beaten track. The vehicle is very widespread in Vietnam thanks to the elegant design and also to the answer to the necessary norms of the adventure in the mountains such as: lightness, flexibility, sufficient capacity of the cylinder, economical consumption of the fuel and especially the very reasonable price.

Touring motorcycles Vietnam

Honda XR150 L have the following dimensions: 2100 mm long, 1126 mm high; the weight of this motorbike is 129 kg; the height of the saddle is 825 mm. So these touring motorcycles Vietnam are favorable even for travelers over 1.7m.

2. Honda CRF 250 is one of the best kind of touring motorcycles Vietnam. However, this version of Honda is also designed to move in urban areas. The vehicle is equipped with a single-cylinder DOHC engine with a capacity of 249 cc, producing 24.4 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 22.6 Nm at 6,750 rpm. Honda XRF 250 is equipped with Honda PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system.

3. Touring motorcycles Vietnam of Honda XR 400 cm cube: Some figures of Honda XR 400: Model: 2005; Type of engine: Single cylinder air-cooled; Engine capacity: 400 cc / 34 HP; Fuel tank size: 13 L; Number of speed: 5; Seat height: 930 mm.

Honda XR 400 is more powerful than the equivalent of 250cc. This version is undoubtedly one of our favorite choices at Route 66 Asia. This particular model of XR 400 is one of our best maintained motorbikes with outstanding suspensions, new parts to offer travelers with very good capabilities during off road. Honda XR 400 is lightweight but powerful which is recommended for those who have experience driving similar motorbikes.

4. Touring motorcycles Vietnam of Honda XR 650: Some figures of Honda XR 650: Model: 2005; Air-cooled single cylinder engine; Power: 650 cubic cm / 43.5 hp; Fuel tank capacity: 15 L; Gearbox: 5 levels; seat height: 940 mm

Honda XR 650 is similar to the 650 DR cc version which is not within the reach of all travelers. The powerful bike with the straight position of the ride is not suitable for those who have little experience. With the big tank, this bike is able to transport the adventurer all over the country, with long distances. However, this kind of bike is quite heavy which is not the most optimal choice for driving off road or it takes good experience to master touring motorcycles Vietnam of Honda XR 650.

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