Vietnam motorbike tour of 4 Indian women

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Vietnam motorbike tour of 4 Indian women: Nobody will dare to say that "women are weak" while seeing 4 Indian women attend the conquest of India-Vietnam road. They spent 17,000 km to do Vietnam motorbike tour from India. That is really an impressive trip!

Vietnam motorbike tour

At the meeting at the Indian Cultural Center, the Indian Ambassador in Vietnam hosted and heard the stories of these four Indian adventurers. They shared the difficult but memorable experiences of the Vietnam motorbike tour from India.

The caravan of four Indian women was led by Jai Bharathi (36 years old) and three other women. The eldest is Shilpa Balakrishnan (44 years old), followed by Piya Bahadur (42 years old) and Susan Shanti (35 years old). These women crossed 7 countries over a total length of 17,000 km.

They are crossed seven different countries, namely India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh. The trip consisted of discovering 19 Heritage sites recognized by UNESCO in five countries, promoting and publicizing Indian Heritages to international friends.

At the moment, to make the Vietnam motorbike tour, they came to the country at the international border gate of Na Meo (The Vietnam - Laos international crossing point in Thanh Hoa province in central Vietnam). Trang An, Halong Bay...were the next two stops of the four women. They shared the warm welcome of the Vietnamese people when they arrived on this earth.

However, the Vietnam motorbike tour from India did not only have joy or roses but also difficulties, especially when they are women. They shared that the most important difficulty of their trip was health. They took many directions, from the road to the river. The weather was changing so quickly that their bodies could hardly adapt to it. So it was easy to get sick...

To make this long Vietnam motorbike tour like this, they had to prepare well in advance, since July 2017, six months earlier. There was a team of crew and cameramen to accompany them. They also wanted to convey the message through this trip to promote safe travel for Indian women.

If you want to make this unique Vietnam motorbike tour like these four women, you should prepare not only the skills and the necessary means but also different procedures and requirements. It is therefore important to know it in depth to solve problems in case of existence.

"When you travel, do not look too hard on the phone screen, you have to put away your phone and find out everything with your eyes, so you will not know how future destinations are, how are people, that can to be a beautiful scene...Let's drive and feel everything "- a woman in the team advised after this Vietnam motorbike tour.

During this expedition, Piya Bahadur is the mother of two children, also the daughter of a famous Indian biker, who had driven from Mumbai to Paris. Therefore, she wants to continue her father's expedition.

After saying goodbye to Halong Bay and Ninh Binh, the group of Indian women bikers went to Vinh, Hue, My Son, Kon complete their Vietnam motorbike travel the south of the country.

Note: Photo of 4 Indian women on their Vietnam motorbike tour has been copied in the Internet.

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