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Vietnam motorbike tours: While you start planning your own Vietnam motorbike tours on your own, you have many questions, for example: How much money do you need? What are the motorbike routes? What is the cost of traveling to Vietnam? Where do you go? The trip to Vietnam by motorbike is dangerous? These articles of Vietnamese and foreign bikers will explain in detail the things to do to prepare your Vietnam motorbike tours.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Vietnam motorbike tours of a Vietnamese biker:

After downloading my own videos about my Vietnam motorbike tours, I got a lot of questions from motorcycle enthusiasts. I am very happy because young people are more and more interested in motorbike tours in Vietnam. This will go a long way in enriching your youth and, after such trips, we will have more energy, more strength and more maturity.

Here are my Vietnam motorbike tours in 9 days between Hanoi and Saigon:

In fact, my Vietnam motorbike tours can be customized to suit your goals and interests. During this trip, I only followed the sea route according to the following criteria: to follow the many isolated coins of the coast in spite of the difficult roads, avoiding the busy A1 national road while admiring the landscape and living interesting and unexpected things...
Note that you should only drive about 300 km per day to ensure your health and safety. In my opinion, on average, it should not exceed 400 km (with a speed of 50 km / h, it takes about 6 hours). To avoid dangers and miss the scenery, do not ride at night during all Vietnam motorbike tours:

Vietnam motorbike tours

Day 1: Hanoi - Dien Yen - Dien Thanh - Cua Lo - Vinh (350km)
To avoid the A1 national road, I had to choose the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the direction of Hanoi - Thai Hoa. I had great landscapes of karst mountains. From Thai Hoa, I turned left to join the A1 National Road to Dien Yen Commune (Dien Chau, Nghe An).
I continued straight ahead to A1 from Dien Yen to Dien Chau (13 km). Then, I turned left towards Dien Thanh Beach which took me directly to the city of Cua Lo known for its beautiful beach.

Day 2: Cua Lo - Vinh - Dong Hoi (210km)
The section of Vietnam motorbike tours has little interest until Dong Hoi which has a very nice beach to rest. In my opinion, you have to stay at least a whole day in Dong Hoi to explore the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park at 50 km from the city. Phong Nha Ke Bang has been classified as the Natural Heritage of the World.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Day 3: Dong Hoi - Quang Tri - Hue: 180km
The day started with a visit to the Hien Luong Bridge where Vietnam was cut in two parts in 1945 after the meeting in Potsdam. I took the direction of Cua Tung Beach. I stopped at the Vinh Moc Tunnel quite impressive before going to the National Truong Son Memorial. I arrived in Hue at the end of the day.

Day 4: Hue
I decided to stay a day in Hue to discover the heritage of this city classified as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Day 5: Hue - Thuan An - Phuoc Tuong - Hai Van - Da Nang - Hoi An (165km)
In Vietnam motorbike tours, normally, people follow the direction: Hue - Hai Van (Cloud Pass) - Danang. So they think it's already interesting. But I show you the road I really like: Hue - Phuoc Tuong Pass - Cloud Pass - Da Nang:
From Hue city center, you go to Thuan An Beach, then follow the direction: Dam Thanh Lam - Ha Trung - the sea. You continue straight along the small provincial road that crosses the peaceful villages of Hue in crossing the Tu Hien Bridge, the estuary of the sea of ​​Tu Hien very beautiful and calm. You arrive at Phuoc Tuong Pass to conquer the Cloud Pass as usual.
Hoi An has many interesting destinations: Its ancient neighborhoods classified as World Cultural Heritage, Cu Lao Cham Island, Ngu Hanh Son Mountains...So, it takes at least 2 days in Hoi An. But, I chose to spend only one night in Hoi An because I stayed here many times during others my Vietnam motorbike tours.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Day 6: Hoi An - Tam Quan - Hoa Hoi - Thi Nai Lagoon - Quy Nhon (305km)
- From Hoi An (or Da Nang), I went to Tam Quan City by National Road A1 (191km).
- Arriving at Tam Quan, I turned left to go to Tam Quan Market. Then, I went straight along the sea taking the provincial road 639 towards Hoa Hoi, My Thanh and Binh Dinh. This road has mountain passes that get around the sea. Near Hoa Hoi, it turns into a dirt, enough wild and bumpy road to reach the DT640 road.
I took the DT 640 road following the Thi Nai Lagoon to go to Quy Nhon Town which is a known seaside resort. I stayed there one night because I have already visited Quy Nhon in other Vietnam motorbike tours.

Day 7: Quy Nhon - Rocky Beach of Ganh Da Dia - Tuy Hoa - Dai Lanh - Nha Trang (233km)
The Vietnam motorbike tours on this section are very interesting with the Dai Lanh Lighthouse, the rocky beach of Ganh Da Dia…
I took the A1 Road from Quy Nhon towards Doc Vuon Xoai and then turned left to Ganh Da Dia (70km). The road is relatively small but you just have to look at the map or signs.
I went to Tuy Hoa Town before arriving at Dai Lanh Lighthouse by the most scenic route. It is a beautiful coastal road that cannot be ignored during the Vietnam motorbike tours. In fact, if you have the time, you would have to spend a night in Dai Lanh to welcome Dai Lanh's dawn. It is the first place on the Vietnamese mainland that welcomes dawn. It's so peaceful and beautiful I was lucky enough to enjoy it on other Vietnam motorbike tours.
So, I did not sleep at Dai Lanh. After visiting the Dai Lanh Lighthouse, I continued on the road through Vung Ro to rejoin the A1 Road. So, I passed the Ca Pass to go to Nha Trang. Near Nha Trang, I followed Pham Van Dong Road along the sea to enter the city.
I suggest you stay in this city for at least two days to relax. I visited Nha Trang City several times. So, I did not stay here during this Vietnam motorcycle tour.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Day 8: Nha Trang - Cam Ranh - Vinh Hy - Phan Rang - Hoa Da - Bau Trang - Mui Ne - Phan Thiet (274km)
For me, it is the most beautiful section of the Vietnam motorbike tours on the coastal roads of Vietnam that I crossed.
- From the city of Nha Trang, I skirted the sea by passing the side of the airport of Cam Ranh to join the A1 National Road (this road is also very beautiful).
- After Cam Ranh, I arrived at Ap Gio Ta where I turned left to join the coastal road to Binh Tien Beach and Vinh Hy Bay. This is the passage I like the most during my motorbike tours in Vietnam. The sea is beautiful; the road is very good and above all extremely deserted; there were passages through the cactus that gave me the impression of crossing the desert with great joy.
- At the edge of Vinh Hy Bay, there is a beautiful landscape calling Hang Rai that you do not miss.
- At the end Vinh Hy and Binh Tien, I arrived at the town of Phan Rang. I crossed the city of Phan Ri by the A1 Road to ask for the dirt road to Bau Trang. It is a road for the motorbike tours that crosses the constant hills of Binh Thuan. Bau Trang is a very famous tourist destination of Binh Thuan known by the sand dunes.
Bau Trang is 26 km from Mui Ne. In my opinion, you have to stay at least 2 days in Mui Ne to enjoy the pristine sea during the Vietnam motorbike tours on the coastal road.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Day 9: Phan Thiet - Gi - Vung Tau - Sai Gon (250km)
- The coastal road from Phan Thiet to La Gi is really great. From Phan Thiet, if you find the way along the sea to Lagi on this section, you should visit the Cape of Ke Ga and Ke Ga Lighthouse. In this section, you can choose to go directly to Sai Gon or go to Vung Tau (Cape St. Jacques) but this is no longer extraordinary.
- For the Vietnam motorbike tour from Vung Tau to Sai Gon, there is nothing special but you have to be careful with speed because there are a lot of police checks. You have to look for the route through the Cat Lai ferry to shorten the distance.
Once in Sai Gon, you can stay 1 to 2 days. You can continue your motorcycle excursion to the Mekong Delta or to Dalat, the High Plateau, the Ho Chi Minh Trail...You can contact me because I have already made several Vietnam motorbike tours on this itinerary.

Vietnam motorbike tours according to Jarryd Salem:

Jarryd Salem is a well known name for those who like to travel. He shared in CNN Travel and BBC Travel his opinion to those who want to make the Vietnam motorbike tours. His article in CNN has helped promote the beauty of Vietnam, as well as its history and culture, around the world. Here is his article:

To explore the Vietnamese territory with a road network of 200,000 km, which connects cities, villages, pristine beaches, and even primitive forests…the bike is an ideal way...

Vietnam motorbike tours

The majestic north Vietnam: with its idyllic rural life, Mai Chau is the first charming stage of Vietnam motorbike tours before continuing to the deep north to see the beautiful Sapa rice terraces.
As a gateway to the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, the Fansipan Peak is called "the roof of Indochina". Sapa is a renowned tourist destination for many years. Most bikers come here to spend at least one night in a host family and to experience the local culture. The motorbike tours really begin in the far north where explorers have the chance to contemplate the colorful ethnic markets and the Dong Van stone plateau in Ha Giang...
From the Dong Van area to Bao Lac, this is home to 17 ethnic minorities, as well as the location of the deepest gorge in Southeast Asia: the Ma Pi Leng Pass. There are also places that are difficult to drive, but in return, but it's time to admire the spectacular Vietnamese landscape.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Phong Nha - Ke Bang: Located about 560 km south of Hanoi, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is recently known for the largest cave in the world: Son Doong Cave. However, there are many other things to explore here, not just the beautiful caves.
Located between peaceful rice paddies and rugged limestone mountains, Phong Nha village and its friendly people are so charming that I decided to stay here for three months.
Thus, in addition to the beautiful caves, Phong Nha is also an oasis of happiness, tranquility and worthy of being the real asset of any Vietnam motorbike tours.

Ho Chi Minh Trail: This is one of the great military achievements in the 20th century that was the winding road through the dense forests of central Vietnam
During the war, it was a secret road network that crossed the forest to the border and even led to the sea. Today, most bikers choose this track for their motorbike tours in Vietnam, partly to thanks to the beautiful landscape but also to its adventurous nature.
There are only a few scattered residential areas on this road, so it is one of the most isolated roads in Vietnam. Bikers need to be very focused and cautious because if an accident occurs, you will have to be prepared to wait for hours without seeing anyone.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Coastal road: The roads along the coastal provinces of Vietnam also deserve to be studied during the Vietnam motorbike tours.
One of the most famous roads passes the Hai Van Pass which connects Hue and Da Nang where you can explore one of the most rugged passes of Vietnam seeing the sea all day long...
From this pass to the south, you can go to the city of Chi Thanh where is located the famous rocky beach of Ganh Da Dia in Phu Yen. You can stop at Quy Nhon to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam...

Floating market: The Mekong Delta is a "labyrinth" with typical floating markets, where vendors display their goods on canoes and boats, creating an unforgettable moment for visitors. The Mekong Delta is a step that cannot be missed for all true Vietnam motorbike tours.

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