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Vietnam motorbike travel according to Salem: Jarryd Salem spent ten thousand km during his trip in Vietnam by motorbike. This adventure has left him with impressive memories.

According to Salem, most adventurers start their journey from bustling Hanoi. Many of them choose the route to the south, while others like the beautiful mountains of the North. Most travelers choose motorbike travel agencies except for low-budget young travelers who travel alone with their own motorbikes.

Vietnam motorbike travel

Vietnam motorbike travel: Northern Mountains:

With a peaceful rural life, the charming valley of Mai Chau is the first stop before exploring the golden fields of Nghia Lo, Than Uyen and Sapa. Sapa, which has the peak of Fansipan considered the highest in Indochina, is also the gateway to the majestic chain of Hoang Lien Son. According to Salem, most motorbike travelers in Vietnam stay at least one night to experience the homestay service with local people.

Further north, the famous colorful Bac Ha market awaits you before continuing your Vietnam motorbike travel to Ha Giang. From Ha Giang, you have to go to the Dong Van Rock Plateau - a region of the most spectacular scenery near the Chinese border. Dong van is known by the nest of bees - shaped mountains, the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia next to the Ma Pi Leng pass. To enter Dong Van, you need special permission.

Then you have to take the road 34 from Dong Van to go to Bao Lac which is the home of 17 minority ethnic groups. "The temperatures drop sharply in the mountains. Difficult roads can cause harm to your body but it is not important compared to the most amazing and beautiful experiences while Vietnam motorbike travel, "shared Jarryd Salem...

Vietnam motorbike travel

Vietnam motorbike travel: Ho Chi Minh Trail:

At 560 km south of Hanoi, the cave system creates a dynamic for tourism throughout the province of Quang Binh. Son Doong, the largest cave in the world, was discovered among more than 300 caves of all sizes in the Phong Nha district to attracts many adventurers. The spectacular beauty of this cave is of course worthy of this particular attention. But, Phong Nha has not only caves.

Amidst golden rice fields and limestone mountains, Phong Nha and the local hospitable people have "seduced" Jarryd Salem for several days during his Vietnam motorbike travel.

From an unknown land, the "Kingdom of Caves" is now one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. And from this reputation, local people cooperate by designing attractive circuits.

"Not only the beautiful caves, Phong Nha is also an oasis of peace, clean and not boring, a highlight in any Vietnam motorbike travel itinerary," Salem left the most generous words for this land.

Vietnam motorbike travel

The Ho Chi Minh Trail is a 20th century military achievement in Vietnam that is surrounded by the dense forests of central Vietnam. In the Vietnam War in particular, there were many hidden trails to carry weapons from north to south. The secret transportation routes through the jungle, the border and even the sea have surprised all travelers. Today's Ho Chi Minh National Highway is a crossing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail through the forest.

You have to make the Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike tour if you want to enjoy the feeling of being between the mountain ranges, the deep canyons...From Phong Nha, the small road through the narrow mountain ranges extends to 240km. Along the way, there are only a few sparsely populated villages and it is probably the most remote road in Vietnam that ends at the Khe Sanh historic site where ferocious battles took place during the Vietnam War.

During this Vietnam motorbike travel, you can also visit the 9 Road Khe Sanh Museum with tanks, military planes exposed outside, the Truong Son National Cemetery...

To make this trip, you need a lot of preparation and concentration. If you are injured or ill, it will take several hours to get help. The risk will make your Vietnam motorbike travel more attractive.

Vietnam motorbike travel

Vietnam motorbike travel: Coastal route:

Young motorbike travelers often look at the map and find that most coastal landscapes can be visited along National Highway 1, without knowing that this road can be dangerous…It is necessary to study this road which is worth the detour.

The famous Ocean Cloud Pass (Hai Van) that appeared on the reality show Top Gear, is a very beautiful road. During Vietnam motorbike travel on the coastal road, you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Ganh Da Dia known as Giant's Causeway of Vietnam. The spectacular coastal road ends at Quy Nhon. During the route, the drivers cross the roads between the fishing villages and the rice fields. You should pay attention to buffaloes sometimes appearing suddenly on the road.

Vietnam motorbike travel: Mekong Delta:

According to Salem, the 4,300-kilometer-long Mekong River runs through parts of southern Vietnam from the feet of the Himalayas to create the fertile Mekong Delta where "abundant wildlife, lush mangrove forests, local peoples live in harmony with nature. "

Vietnam motorbike travel

The narrow and intertwined canals are "labyrinths" according to Salem. Small boats are ideal way to explore these canals. You have to participate in animated floating markets, full of fresh products...

We should go back to Saigon to finish the Vietnam motorbike travel. Today, Saigon has not only soups or iced coffee, but also a multitude of young drivers to exchange experiences and the desire to make excursions to "discover the wonders of this beautiful country". Salem said.

Salem also advised: The trip must be well prepared. In addition to the dangers of nature, the roads are also quite chaotic because of the cumbersome transport, without wearing helmets...According to Salem, this is "the style of the locals". Once you carefully prepare the adventure, Vietnam motorbike travel is really exciting.

Photo: CNN; Article: Vietnam Travel Motorbike

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