Vietnam motorcycle tours with Route 66 Asia

Vietnam motorcycle tours with Route 66 Asia: Route 66 Asia is one of the products of the local travel agency named '' Vietnam Exploration '' managed by a group of local tour guides with the International Travel Organization License number: 01 - 1004/2017 TCDL - GPLHQT.

So, this local travel agency has the goal to offer you Vietnam motorcycle tours to show you a Vietnam off the beaten track, from all angles but…by motorbike!

Vietnam motorcycle tours

Some words of Hung, the founder of Vietnam motorcycle tours:

Before being creators and travel advisers, we had the opportunity to travel all over the country as a local tour guide and share unforgettable moments between our foreign travelers, with local people.

The will to make you discover a still preserved nature, to savor the hospitality, the smile, the delicacy, even the innocence of its population, our style, the various proposed destinations...contributed to the creation of Vietnam motorcycle tours.

Vietnam motorcycle tours

So, why Vietnam motorcycle tours with us?

Vietnam motorcycle tours of Route 66 Asia is a tourism product of 100% Vietnamese agency: Based in Hanoi, you will meet the designers of your trip at our agent as soon as you come to Vietnam.

We are at your disposal, without intermediaries and at no additional cost, to ensure the implementation of your trip. We are volunteers for all different information. We are ready to support travelers, especially small budget travelers. Thus, by choosing the services of a local company, you provide support to the country you are about to explore.

Vietnam motorcycle tours

Route 66 Asia personalize your Vietnam motorcycle tours​ according to your desires and your expectations: We build together your trip, the one you decide to accomplish. We compose programs and activities with care but with your contribution. You can then submit all your requests: the number of participants, the duration, your interests, your budget, your desires...everything you want.

Route 66 Asia will then submit you a unique, personalized stay that adapts to your specific needs, your physical conditions, your tastes...

Route 66 Asia, a local expert, takes care of your Vietnam motorcycle tours: Our in-depth knowledge of destinations and local culture will enrich your own experience.

Vietnam motorbike travel

A trip of Vietnam motorcycle tours is not only to enjoy the diverse landscapes of the country, but also and especially to interact with local people, learn from their history, share their way of life and their daily all aspects. In case of problems, we can solve it on the spot and as quickly as possible with respect, equality, friendliness, accuracy and mutual tolerance.

One of our clients Daniel Rébillard shares:

"I met Hung in 2011 during a Vietnam motorcycle tour in northern mountain. At that time, we traveled in Minsk, a kind of famous Russian motorcycle: and his passion for Vietnam came to him as well...From this moment, we regularly share trips together by combining beautiful landscapes, roads of the end of the world, magical encounters with the inhabitants...without forgetting what he also appreciates a lot: the delicacies of our Vietnamese cuisine! He will answer all your questions very willingly... ''.

Route 66 is here to help you discover the country at the rhythm of Vietnamese people. The motorcycle allows us to browse the regions in depth. For the northern mountains, this is probably the most convenient and exciting way of transportation! Unique Vietnam motorcycle tours are one of the few specialties of Route 66 Asia.

Vietnam motorcycle tours

Vietnam motorcycle tours must have which criteria imposed by the Vietnamese government?

To create Vietnam motorcycle tours or other travel styles, individuals and organizations must meet the mandatory conditions prescribed by Vietnamese law. The creation of a motorcycle travel agency is a conditional activity. Clause 2, section 31 of the 2017 tourism law details the conditions that individuals and organizations must access to carry out their activities:

. Being a company created under the Business Law
. Deposit for international travel services companies in banks: the sum of money as the deposit is always applied according to the decree n ° 180/2013 / ND-CP in 2013 (still valid): 500 000 000 VND or 23 000 USD.
. Those in charge of the services of the Vietnam motorcycle tours (or other travel styles) must have a university degree in tourism; In case of leaving schools of other specializations, they must have a certificate of professional tour operator (described in Clause 2, Article 3 of the circular 06/2017 / TT-BVHTTDL - Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism ). Specifically: the manager of Vietnam motorcycle tours must have the official university degree with one of the following specializations:

. Administration of the services of the travel agency
. Travel management
. Tour operator
. Tourism marketing
. Tourism
. Travel service
. Management and tourist activity

If the manager is a graduate of other specializations, he must have a certificate of expertise in operations of the Vietnam motorcycle tours or other styles of travel...

Our staff of travel counselors and guides, who are perfectly English - speaking and have many years of experience on the spot, but also an unbeatable logistics, will be all the assets necessary for the success of your trip. Send an email to Route 66 Asia: to discover our differences of our Vietnam motorcycle tours.

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