Vietnam motorbike tours: North Vietnam motorbike tour in 4 days

North Vietnam motorbike tour in 4 days offered by Route 66 Asia is not certainly like all the others. Your adventure is happening in one the most remote areas in the north of the country.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the local ethnic groups, the splendid natural landscapes...So, during this journey, you will discover:

Babe Lake: This is the largest natural lake in Vietnam looking like a green jewel in the middle of the northern mountain. Babe Lake, your first destination during this North Vietnam motorbike tour, is considered one of the twenty typical freshwater lakes of the world that must benefit from special protection. In 2004, Babe National Park surrounding the lake was recognized as the ASEAN Heritage Park (ASEAN is Association of Nations in South East Asia).You will lose yourself in a world of primitive forests, majestic limestone mountains, authentic villages, fluvial spaces... You will spend a night in homestay at the edge of the lake to live the local warm welcome...

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Ban Gioc Waterfall or the largest in Vietnam: the waterfall of Ban Gioc, the second destination of your North Vietnam motorbike tour, is in 4th position in the list of biggest waterfalls located on the borders between the nations of the world, after Iguazu between the Brazil and Argentina, Victoria between Zambia and Zimbabwe and Niagara between Canada and the United States. The road from the small town of Cao Bang snaking between the limestone mountains offers unusual landscapes of valleys, rivers, forests...where are located authentic villages of ethnic groups like: Tay, Nung...You're not going miss the mysterious cave of Nguom Ngao, the village of the smiths of Phuc Sen...

North Vietnam motorbike tour

At the same time, your North Vietnam motorbike tour is happening in the Cao Bang region classified as the Natural Heritage of Humanity for its global geomorphologic values. During the passage on the road 4 known by the old name: RC4 (colonial road 4) between Cao Bang and Lang Son, you will live the emotional moment of the Franco - Vietnamese history with the military campaigns at the beginning of the 50’s, border war with China Army in 70’s and 80’s…The bucolic landscapes, unforeseen encounters, history...will make your trip in the north of Vietnam on a motorcycle completely different from the others...

North Vietnam motorbike tour


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Detailed itinerary of this North Vietnam motorbike tour in 4 days

Day 1: Hanoi - Babe Lake
To start this North Vietnam motorbike tour, you go to the natural lake of Babe, the largest in the country, in the middle of the national park of the same name. You will go through Thai Nguyen covered by tea culture, the province of Bac Kan with peaceful landscapes...Arriving, you go to the village of Pac Ngoi inhabited by Tay in houses on stilts. Dinner and overnight with a local family: simple but clean conditions. Do not hesitate to drink with the family who honors your presence here.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 2: Babe Lake - Cao Bang
Boat to visit the lake and the Babe National Park: it is an extraordinary world of water, mountains, virgin forests…Visit Puong cave to admire the incredible view of the river, the mountains... Stop at the village of Tay people for lunch and a walk to Dau Dang Waterfall. You continue your North Vietnam motorbike tour to Cao Bang. On arrival, free time. Overnight at the hotel in Cao Bang.

Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 3: Cao Bang - Ban Gioc Waterfall - Cao Bang
A memorable day of the tour in North of Vietnam by motorbike: You go to the Chinese border via the splendid Ma Phuc Pass. Stops at pleasure to hunt the photos of UNESCO's World Natural Heritage landscapes. Continuation to the Ban Gioc waterfall - the largest in Vietnam in the middle of the rice fields. Discover the mysterious cave of Nguom Ngao. Stop at Phuc Sen - The village of traditional blacksmiths. Discover the beautiful and wild landscapes, life of ethnic groups like: Tay and Nung. Back to Cao Bang for the quiet night during this Vietnam motorbike tour.

Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 4: Cao Bang - That Khe - Dong Khe - Lang Son - Hanoi
You continue your tour in north of Vietnam by motorbike on the old colonial road 4. You will stop at That Khe, Dong Khe...which witness the historic Franco-Vietnamese military campaign in the 50s. Visit the Dong Dang Market in Lang Son before returning to Hanoi. Unfortunately, your beautiful Vietnam motorbike tour with us ends in Hanoi!

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