Vietnam Motorbike Tours: North Vietnam motorbike tour in 8 days

North Vietnam motorbike tour in 8 days of Route 66 Asia will take you to the northern mountains, the territory of many ethnic minorities, wild landscapes, endless terraced rice fields, majestic mountain ranges, unusual meetings…

You will also meet people, their different regional cultures... You can enjoy their kindness by staying at their home, time to discover their customs or time to share a good moment around a meal. Then, Route 66 Asia presents the most essential interests of this journey:

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Ngoc Son Ngo Luong is one of the last forests on the limestone mountains of northern Vietnam, an important limestone ecosystem in the world. This nature reserve is very rich in biodiversity, containing many endangered species of the world protected by Vietnamese law. This region is always unknown by most tourists.

Pu Luong is a nature reserve, a new untapped destination. Maybe that's why this mountain region still preserves its primitive beauty. This nature reserve is the perfect place for the North Vietnam motorbike tour to explore the poetic beauty of pristine mountains, primeval forests by sharing life with the local population.

Mai Chau, an idyllic valley in the north, is one of the most popular destinations during the Vietnam Motorbike travel to immerse yourself in nature and discover the life of the Thai people, one of 54 ethnic groups living in this country. All travelers to Mai Chau will have the opportunity to experience the pleasant feeling as they plunge into the green of clouds, mountains and huge rice fields seemingly endless…

North Vietnam motorbike tour

The landscape of the plateau of Moc Chau is totally different and sometimes reminiscent of the countryside of northern Europe with its small stone walls and fruit trees. There are also fields dotted with large stones that give it a lunar appearance. Local populations grow tea, and raise dairy cows...

Nghia Lo is the second valley in the mountains of northern Vietnam. This region is slowly open to tourism. You will make a detour to go to Suoi Giang through a mountainous region covered by tea plantations, a night with the Thai people in a house on stilts in the middle of rice fields. This is one of the best memories on this North Vietnam motorbike tour...

Mu Cang Chai has terraced rice fields following each other which seem to be interminable. Among about 2,200 hectares of terraces, there are 500 hectares in three communes: Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu Phinh recognized as one of the unique landscapes, the National Heritage of Vietnam in 2007. You will conquer Khau Pass Pha - A nice challenge of Vietnam motorbike tour with unique views.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Sapa still represents one of the most interesting destinations of the Vietnam travel by motorbike. Today, you will go through the gorgeous valley of Than Uyen, the highest Tram Ton Pass of Vietnam with the majestic views to go to Sapa where you will not miss the valleys covered by the rice terraces, the authentic villages peoples like: Black Hmong, Red Dao, Giay...A hike on the rice terraces is certainly one of the most enjoyable moments.

Bac Ha is a market but not only for trade but firstly, this is a place of news exchange, meeting ethnic groups such as: Flower Hmong, Tay, Phu La...who come here every Sunday in traditional costume that makes this market the most colorful in northern Vietnam.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Thac Ba Lake is considered as "Halong Bay in the mountains". Thac Ba covers 20,000 hectares with 1,331 islands and islets, forming caves and charming landscapes of the lush mountain. You cannot miss a night in homestay with Dao ethnic people in a traditional stilt house, a boat trip in a magical fluvial space...The host family will celebrate your North Vietnam motorbike tour during a copious diner.


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North Vietnam motorbike tour in 8 days has its following detailed itinerary:

Day 1: Hanoi - Ngoc Son Ngo Luong
We start our North Vietnam motorbike tour in 8 days towards the Ngoc Son Ngo Luong nature reserve. We take the Ho Chi Minh Trail with little traffic to reach the foothills of the mountain range stretching from Cuc Phuong National Park to Pu Luong and Mai Chau. Continuation by the track to Chieng village where we have lunch. We can temporarily stop our tour in northern Vietnam by motorbike to start a walk of 2-3 hours on dirt tracks, pebbles, and mud depending on weather conditions. The landscapes are wild and the path engages in the heart of the mountains, territory of Muong people.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

The house of the Muong family where we stay tonight, is located in an idyllic setting a few meters from small pools with clear and fresh water where swimming is possible. Dinner with the family to celebrate our Vietnam motorbike tour and overnight in house on stilts.

Day 2: Ngoc Son Ngo Luong - Pu Luong - Moc Chau
Breakfast in the house or at the edge of the waterfall to continue our trip north Vietnam by motorbike. We then explore the area by motorbike, through lush nature, rice fields and villages; to discover the daily activities that punctuate the lives of the inhabitants of this peaceful valley. We will visit the village of Khai, Mon and Coi Gao at the edge of the Pu Luong reserve before going back to the village of Chieng. Lunch, then we continue our North Vietnam motorbike tour towards Muong Khen, Mai Chau, then Moc Chau.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

The landscape of the plateau of Moc Chau is totally different and sometimes reminiscent of the countryside of northern Europe with its small stone walls and fruit trees. There are also fields dotted with large stones that give it a lunar appearance. Local people grow tea and raise dairy cows. Arrival in Moc Chau and installation in guest house of Vietnam Travel Motorbike.

Day 3: Moc Chau - Nghia Lo
This morning, leaving the region of Moc Chau, we will visit the H'mong village of Loong Luong, famous for its plum trees when spring arrives. Then we take north direction through the mountains on a winding road with beautiful views. The road is deserted which makes it even more pleasant, and we pass through some small villages and narrow valleys. We climb the Pa Cham Pass, then descend directly on the Da River forming a lake. The view is superb. Descent to the pier where we must pass the car on the ferry. This North Vietnam motorbike tour is totally different from the others. We go along a branch of the lake crossing small hamlets to reach Phu Yen where we have lunch.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Vietnam Travel Motorbike takes you through the mountains and some passes overlooking beautiful cultivated valleys. We pass Lung Lo which will offer us a beautiful little winding road through the vegetation and imposing block of rounded stones.
We leave the main road to reach Suoi Giang located about 1000 meters above sea level and where live mainly the H'mongs. The site is famous for its centenary tea trees, the oldest of which is 300 years old. We will have a great view of the huge valley of Nghia Lo. Just before arriving on Nghia Lo, we fork on a small village and we settle at the inhabitant Thai for the night in a traditional house on stilts. This is the opportunity to celebrate our North Vietnam motorbike tour with Thai people!

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 4: Nghia Lo – Mu Cang Chai - Than Uyen
To continue our Vietnam motorbike tour, we leave to discover some more villages at the bottom of this unknown valley. We pass a large river on a suspension bridge and walk on foot to a small typical Thai village, with traditional houses almost contiguous, forming small streets crossed by canals with fresh water from the river flowing at the foot of the mountain. Locals wash vegetables, dishes, hair and some ducks paddle...
We leave this little corner of paradise to return to lunch with our hosts before continuing our North Vietnam motorbike tour. After thanking our host family, depart for Than Uyen via Mu Cang Chai. We travel the mountain with beautiful valleys and cross several passes. The landscapes are sublime: beautiful prospects, including the Khau Pha pass, rice terraces, many ethnic villages…Mu Cang Chai is known by the rice terraces added to the list of the most beautiful fields in the world, classified as the National Heritage of Vietnam. We descend into a beautiful green valley inhabited by the Thai people. Overnight at the hotel in Than Uyen.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 5: Than Uyen - Sapa
To start our North Vietnam motorbike tour, we do a walk to visit a village of the people before passing a region higher and harsh. We pass several passes and follow the majestic Hoang Lien mountain range. Stop at the small town of Binh Lu-Tam Duong surrounded by ethnic villages at the foot of the mountains. We can meet Black H'mong, Red H'mong, Lu, Dzay and Dao. We take the opportunity for a small excursion in one of the villages of Dao or Lu people before crossing the highest pass of Vietnam, Tram Ton Pass, at 2100 meters. Just before reaching Sapa, we will stop at the Silver Waterfall. The rest of the day is free to rest. Night at the hotel.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 6: Sapa - Bac Ha
After breakfast, we go hiking to the village of Y Linh Ho and its small hamlets of the black H'mong ethnic group. This isolated locality, accessible only on foot; is less crowded. This will preserve our tranquility. We have the opportunity to see beautiful rice terraces and meet the local people in their daily tasks. We reach the road a little further, where we wait for the car to go for lunch. We leave Sapa to go to Bac Ha, still in high mountains and close to the Chinese border. Arrival in Bac Ha, we settle in the house of Tay people living in traditional house on stilts to discover the local culture. Dinner in a warm atmosphere, tasting of rice alcohol to honor our North Vietnam motorbike tour with Route 66 Asia. 

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 7: Bac Ha - Thac Ba Lake: Sunday
Sunday is the day of the weekly market of the city. It is the largest ethnic market in the region, mainly frequented by the Flower H'mong but also the Black Dao, Phu La, Tay, Nung, Giay... ethnic groups that color the markets by their traditional specific tunics. Ethnic inhabitants of the region come to sell and stock up on various goods for the week: fabrics, simple crafts in wood or bamboo, loose tobacco, kitchen utensils, live animals...The market and also a social event or ethnic minorities come to meet around a glass of rice alcohol, a bowl of soup...Small detour to visit the idyllic village of Ban Pho before going down to the lake of Thac Ba. Overnight with the Dao people in a stilt house by celebrating our North Vietnam motorbike tour with the family.

North Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 8: Thac Ba Lake - Hanoi
Boat excursion in Thac Ba Lake to admire thousands of islands in a magical atmosphere, the traditional houses blending in with the charming, colorful scenes of everyday life of Dao ethnic group who lives in the wooden houses on stilts surrounded by the magnificent rice terraces. This region is little visited by tourists. So, this is an opportunity to discover the real local life before returning to Hanoi. Unfortunately, your beautiful North Vietnam motorbike tour in 8 days ends here.

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